Is It the Right Time For Career Retrospection? ~ Manali Debroy

Anxiety, dilemma of coming back to the ‘usual’ social life and helplessness are few of the many emotions you are going through right now. In these uncertain times, thoughts of how business will go back to as usual, may be intimidating and overbearing. It is indeed very unfortunate to know the fact that how we are trapped in a one-of-a-kind hapless global crisis, which has ruthlessly and rapidly handcuffed our lives, almost controlling it. But in this world of innovation and technology, we should be hopeful and rather very confident that this phase will pass. Post which the world will emerge better, more innovative than before and stronger. During SARS, we came out of it with the innovation of e-commerce, and I am sure that by the end of this pandemic, we will innovate technologies to cope up with these kind of situations in the future.

Amidst these uncertainties, we have to look at the silver lining. Time has suddenly become our best friend and we should take this positively. Before this, we have always been grumbling and missing its holy presence in our lives. And now, we have it in abundance. As we say, when life gives you lemons make lemonade. So, when it gives you time then make the most of it rather than spending it in self destruction by immersing yourself in negative thoughts. This is the time to ruminate in retrospect and to align yourself to the aspirations (which you beheld to pursue due to ‘time’ being not at your side). Few of the ways which I can think from top of my mind to nurture your ambitions are:

Don’t dwell on the current situation but reconnect with your ambition

Realigning your thoughts with where your interests lie and what you actually want to do should be the top priority. Look back through all the years of your life till now like a rewind and understand what you always wanted to do. In this process of rewinding and finding your passion, do not just eavesdrop to someone else’s interest (like discussing with your friends or peer groups may influence your thoughts a lot). Rather, focus on what excites you the most and pursue that. Once you realize your ambition, channelize your energy in pursuing the same. Understand the pre-requisites and the job that you want to do for the rest of your life, rather than wandering from one job to another. Doing what the society approves of won’t fetch you happiness for the long run. As they say, listen to what the heart wants (it’s not simple, but it is effective).

Do the SWOT and utilize time effectively

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses are very important. We may be of the notion that we know ourselves very well, but when the time comes to answer simple questions about our own self we tend to fumble majorly. Hence, know yourself better, since you have got the vintage enemy ‘time’ finally at your side. Once you are aware of what you wish to do and know your strengths and weaknesses, work on what you lack and focus on improving them for your dream job (a venture).

Indulge in pragmatic thinking and do not hesitate to reach out

By now you are aware of what you want and areas that you need to improve to get that job (or to start your own venture). With ample time in hand, take this opportunity to self-learn the concepts and work on your weaknesses. There are multiple online-learning platforms where you can find what you want to learn, understand and imbibe the knowledge to implement into the future job / venture you want to pursue. Adding to this, reaching out to the experts in the field would always help you to understand their journey in the business. Such guidance can prove to be priceless for your career.

Finally, find the right organizations to apply (start your own venture)!

Even during this uncertain time, there are many organizations which are still functioning unhindered. Most of the organizations already have good infrastructure (in terms of technology) to function fully to accommodate all their staff to work from home. Hence, find the right organizations and connect with them to apply to the right jobs. If you are switching the fields, it is most certainly okay to ask for internships as many of the companies offer remote learning as well.

Being quarantined at home, doesn’t really mean that the world has shut down its door of opportunities. But rather the virtual world has to offer you with plethora of opportunities – including finding new roles – to starting something of your own straight from home. There is light at the end of the tunnel. We only have to keep walking to reach to the shining azure.