Quirky, Colourful And Fabulous 2023 Planners To Get Your Life Together In The New Year

Made your resolutions for the new year? Great. Need some help in seeing them through? Say no more. Whether it’s tracking your progress, making your to-do lists or organising your daily and monthly goals, using a planner can help enhance your productivity. There’s something about putting pen to paper that helps clear the clutter in the mind and can give structure to your thoughts.

Here are 8 planners for 2023 that you can choose from right away

1. Alicia Souza

When we think of cute planners, Alicia Souza is the first to come to mind. Cupcake, butterfly and gold embellishments aside, Alicia Souza’s 2023 hardbound planner comes with a book of stickers and a pocket planner and features everything from habit and period trackers to budget planners and weekly spreads.

2. The Messy Corner

With gratitude and reflection columns, expense trackers, books to read and songs you’re currently loving— The Messy Corner’s 2023 planner is all about appreciating the small moments in the new year that put a smile on your face.

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3. The Ink Bucket

Your best work doesn’t happen by chance, it happens through routine. With pages, layouts and trackers dedicated to helping you enhance productivity without upsetting the work-life balance— The Ink Bucket’s 2023 is a work desk essential. Plus, how beautiful are those illustrations?

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4. The Art Loom

Designed to help you stay on top of your game, set and track your fitness and health goals, and balance your personal pursuits— The Art Loom’s 2023 planner collections has it all and more.

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5. The Re-Vibe Collective

Featuring unique pages including monthly affirmations, numerological updates, messages from spirit animals and sacred symbols, the Elevate 2023 jotter is unlike any other planner on the list. Containing all the tools for deep self-work, it’s sure to add more value to your healing and help you live your life with much more consciousness.

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6. The June Shop

No matter what your aesthetic is, The June Shop’s planner collection has something for everyone, featuring dated and undated options. Whether you’re looking for vision boards, password managers, travel checklists or Ikigai worksheets, you’re sure to find them here.

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7. Odd Giraffe

With a variety of design choices and an option to get your name printed on the cover, Odd Giraffe’s 2023 personalised planners make for great gifts featuring everything from colour-coded monthly tabs and cute stickers to goals, reflections and habit trackers.

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8. Factor Notes

Factory Notes’ 2023 planner collection is here to help you with fun activities, adorable stickers and elaborate planning pages that include sleep trackers, self-exploration prompts, shopping lists, annual vacation plans and letters to your future self among much more.

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