Suitcase 101: How to Choose the Right Travel Luggage from India’s Leading Suitcase brand Mokobara

If you’re wondering how to choose the right travel luggage, we’ve put together a helpful guide from Mokobara to get you started. Get ready for Suitcase 101 on choosing luggage!

Business traveller

Business travellers often all face the same conundrum: the conference is two days long; a backpack is too small for it while a cabin is too big. Thus, it is in the pursuit of the goldilocks approved bag or luggage that these travellers need to shop. One that has provisions to secure and store your work laptop, all your blazers and a spare change of clothes.

Business travellers can thus opt for a backpack that is highly functional and has a smart internal organisation system. One you can strap on and take everywhere – from the conference to the afterparty, without stopping in between for anything.

Take our Overnighter backpack, for instance – designed to solve exactly this problem. It carries like a backpack yet stores like a suitcase. With zippered compartments that hold your clothes, and another one that’s water resistant for your toiletries and yet another one for your travel essentials – it organises your things to make best use of every available space. It also comes with a back compartment with a flat 180 degree opening where you can store your laptop, adapters and documents for quick access.

Luxury traveller

Resorters everywhere will agree that one outfit is NEVER enough for a day. Two is the minimum. Three depending on the activities lined up for the day. And, through it all – they deserve bags that don’t cramp on their style.

Bags that not just complement, but accessorise. Not to forget functionality in terms of storage, for reasons mentioned before. Most luggage and bags in the premium segment does its bit in ensuring a premium travel experience for the traveller. Eg: The Japanese Hinomoto wheels that are a signature for Mokobara are incredibly smooth and even more silent. They glide like butter over all kinds of terrain. Thus a luxury traveller looking for a new bag or luggage should ensure they’re receiving products crafted with premium materials having adequate storage functionality AND add value to their style sensibilities.


There are two kinds of backpackers in the world: the ones who have mastered the art of packing and the ones who are reading this to figure it out. For the latter, we recommend pockets, pockets and more pockets!

Pockets and compartments are your best friends. Whether you’re venturing into the wild, or just going city hopping – you need a bag that carries your world while still giving you quick access to everything you need. A ton of backpacks these days come with a USB charging port, which is a huge plus! There’s a huge difference between getting lost and getting stranded, right?

The duration of your trek or hike also largely determines what size you need. Generally, a short one day trek in the hills outskirts of your town would require a 10-20L capacity backpack. For every additional day, you’re gonna wanna add another 10L to it! You do the math.

Then we move on to the basics – like finding something crafted with durable material and that is water resistant.

Family travellers

If you’re someone who loves their family vacations, chances are that you more than often travel carrying valuables with you. A secure lock system like our TSA lock system that needs a code to open works just fine.

We know logically, bigger luggage makes more sense when you’re travelling as a family but remember, bigger isn’t always better. What you need is something with a good capacity AND has organisational compartments and features. Take our internal compression system, for example. It packs up your clothes so as to make the most out of the space available.

Also, if you’re someone with kids – hardshell cases are your best friend. They naturally make cleaning up after spills and scuff marks easier and also provide extra protection for your belongings inside.