RAPE” is never the survivors fault~ Anhad Kaur Shergill

Victim Blaming is a devaluing act that occurs when the victim of a crime is held responsible -in whole or in part- for the crime that have been committed against them.

In India it’s soo normal for everyone to blame the girl if anything happens.

Even decades after attaining independence, women in India are still looked upon as a commodity by our society.

According to our society the safety code for women in our country is
-dress modestly
-don’t go out at night
-don’t go to bars and clubs
-don’t talk to boys too much
-don’t go out alone
if you break the code and god forbid if something happens to you then you are the one to be blamed for the consequences.

The worst thing is that all these rules just apply to the girls and not the boys. Boys are not subjected to any of these rules.

The society has created a mindset that the more revealing clothes a women wears, the more likely it is that she will be assaulted of harassed.

People are raped wearing a variety of clothes, but the idea that a ‘woman who goes out wearing revealing clothes will be pounced upon’ is the most common myth across generations.

This thought baffles me and fills me with rage that how this society teaches the girls to live in fear , to live according to the norms of the society, to follow their so called safety codes and to dress appropriately. But on the other hand they won’t put in any effort in teaching their boys to respect women , treat them as humans and let this country be safe for them to live in.

They shouldn’t just treat her as an object to be used and thrown away and in the end BLAME HER.

A lot of men think this way. They don’t have empathy or they are brought up this way that they don’t feel anything for women. They feel that women are to be taken advantage of and thrown away.