Rapid fire with Upasana Kochhar

Having done her masters from Asia’s finest design college and having worked with India’s leading fashion retail giants , Upasana decided to create her own Fashion and Lifestyle MicroBlog by the name of Salmon on Stilettos. Her visual storytelling in the field of beauty and fashion has got her the eyeballs of the new age millennials.

Any siblings?

Yes, Megha Kochhar who my elder sibling. I consider her as my pillar and has some one who can knock sanity into me. She has always been my role model in terms of her strong charecter blended with a sensitive nature. The right duality that a woman needs.

What’s your favorite app?

Instagram without a doubt – its my window to the world. Sometimes filtered and sometimes not. Instagram is always one of those apps that consumes 80 percent of my screen time and gets me in touch with the whole world.

What is one thing you still have from your childhood?

Sensitivity as a trait. I’m a super emotional being. And that doesn’t always work in my favour. I have my heart hanging on my sleeve, waiting for it to be ripped… haha… so that’s something that has stuck on to me and just doesn’t let go of me!

Must have item in your bag?

My phone is always out of battery so definitely a power bank. It’s a must have accessory.

Cooking or Baking?

Obviously Baking! I am a sucker for sweets and this lock down has empowered enough to create these myself, right in my kitchen.

Most recent influencer crush?

My biggest girl crush is Diipa Khosla whom I adore her. Her content stimulates me, and makes me want to push my threshold and do better everyday.
Leeza Mangaldas is also a woman influencer I look upto for her candid point of view and her content around sex positivity that she puts out. Watching her channel is truly a breath of fresh air.

Best first date idea?

I don’t like fancy dates. Cozy but memorable moments makes the moment. I would describe my dream date as a “Hygge” moment…a starlit night, a bon fire, set in the dewy night glass…with a cozy cover up and some mulled wine, because I’m assuming this date is in winter. Also, an assortment of cheese to go with this amazing night setting.
Oh my god, I’m already drooling at the idea of this!!

Biggest pet peeeve?

People checking your text but not replying. You know what I mean the “Seen” but don’t care to reply and playing too cool to get attitude! It cringes me!

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve read or seen this week?

I am follower of nichiren Buddhism. A few lines that I read that touched me and I would love to share with you.
“The environment is your shadow. When you bend the environment bends and when you stand tall it stands tall”. This line is so profound as it just makes you so empowered. And you realise that you are no victim to a situation. And if you want the situation to change, something internally needs a break through. A major human revolution .

Which is the most favourite brand collaboration you’ve ever done?

Beauty is something that needs demystification. It isn’t superficial but is actually very profound. It’s something which allows you to manifest every side of your being . It’s something that imbibes in you that confidence that was always dormant. Recently I got an opportunity to partner with Lakme academies across North India . These institutions teach students the art of makeup and empower them to make women & men bloom to their absolute gorgeous selves.

If you hadn’t been an influencer, what would you be doing?

Influencing comes with a strong sense of responsibility. You are in a position to help and you must use it responsibly to spread hope. If I wasn’t a blogger or influencer as you call it, I still would be doing my bit at spreading happy vibes and faith. Because that’s something I strongly believe in and that’s also something that my content speaks out. I am a strong believer of Nichiren Buddhism and they use a Japanese word “ichinen” which means “intent” . I’m sure I would be somewhere in the world creating ripples of hope, in my own small yet fulfilling ways.