Sheefa Gilani- Behind the scenes expertise with India’s top stylists!

Sheefa Gilani is a travel junkie, a Balmain freak and in love with all things hipster. She is a stylist, blogger at Style Stash and freelances as a creative director/social media consultant. SS consists of her thoughts, personal experiences, and views on fashion with a focus on spotlights and new talents. She is also a certified media producer and loves to paint. In an exclusive interview with her she gives us her expertise on –

You guide your clients to ‘find their style’ but what does this mean to you?

To me, ‘ style’ has always meant something more than what I wear. I’m an avid reader, and in a recent article, I happen to read where it carefully articulated the following. Experts say style is this: One part self-knowledge and one part self-confidence. In other words, it’s your attitude. Showing the world who you are, both on the outside and in spirit. And it should never be confused with fashion the clothes you wear. The words truly resonate with me.

Why is a personal styling session useful?

There’s a vast difference between – “Oh, I love that outfit! I’d like one!” and “Oh, I love that outfit! But, does it flatter my body!” A personal styling session doesn’t only help individuals achieve success in an increasingly image-conscious world, but also helping women find their style and confidence is what makes it all worth it.

What is the most common question you get when styling an individual?

What are body types, and is it essential to dress based on it?

How are you dealing with the current situation?

I was extremely restless in the beginning. As a stylist, it was hard to live a slow-paced life suddenly. But, I’ve found peace in things that make you feel like sunshine—books, art and music.

What is your take on “Fashion shoots in a pandemic struck world”?

I think it has paved the way for an all-new creative vertical. Virtual shoots have taught us the true meaning of “survival.” That past four months have increasingly enlighted us with the very fact that the future of fashion is brighter than it seems.

What is the one thing you wish you knew when you started? Any advice to the millennials who want to become a fashion stylist?

It would be learning the real art of networking.