Stop Selling …. Tag 2 Friends If You Like This.By Amy Goldberg

This grabbed me as being really funny.

Is it just me or do you find it really funny when someone posts what is supposed to be an authentic, sincere message, when in fact it turns out to be completely inauthentic and insincere when, at the end of the post a person types: If you like this, tag 2 friends, or share this, or….. however, you word it, it’s a sales pitch.

On a fairly consistent basis I read and/or come across inspirational messages, thoughtful considerations, heartfelt sentiments, as well as strong messaging to be oneself, etc. For example, I read a post recently that said; “Give fully without the expectation that it will benefit you.” And then it said, I kid you not; “Tag 2 of the most giving friends you know to acknowledge them below.”


“Me thinks there is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.” Apart from sounding glib, Come On!!! You do realize that you’re coming off sounding so insincere. We KNOW you’re trying to expand your reach, get more “likes, loves, followers,” or whatever it is that you’re trying to obtain, by the way…. for “yourself.”

Why do we turn our messages back onto ourselves? If we were truly being sincere then wouldn’t we simply leave the message as is. With a focus on the intended? And then let things unfold as they will?

Nope, because we’re bombarded with the idea that we need to constantly sell, sell, sell … If we’re not selling, then we’re promoting. I get it. There’s a fine line between the two. Actually, not a fine line – it’s a BIG fat line. We choose (every time) how we want to come across. I don’t doubt for a minute that we don’t know what we’re doing. The subtle (not so subtle) art of selling ourselves. And yet, it gets old.

Take for example some (not all) of those HUGE motivational conventions where they bring on big name speakers. Behind the scenes, the first thing they ask the speaker before they sign is: “What are you going to sell?” Not “What are you selling.” “What are you GOING to see.” That’s how they make money.

It’s like herding sheep at these things. People get sucked right into the vortex. Unaware that it’s one big sell-fest. This, however, is not to be confused by other events that are meaningful and have the best of intention and desire to want to help guide and offer support to others.

When you send out messages with the desire to truly want to convey, share, impart information to others WITHOUT asking for anything in return – watch what happens. Try it. People will have a greater appreciation and trust in your message. IF they want to share or tag or do whatever via their own motivation, great! If not, so what. Let it be. Let it go.

Deliver your messages for the right intention. If, however, you want to force the message by asking people to “like, follow, whatever” then be upfront and announce your intention. If you’re now thinking; “Well that just sounds insincere.” Guess what, you just answered your own question. 

It’s time to get real.