The Shallowness of  Instagram blogging by Kashif Imteyaz

With fast chasing cars and never ending pavements.The flashlight and stardom pressing your shoulder and echoing in your head.And everybody posting to be successful, satisfied and happy on Instagram.This is not the reality in most cases but rather another side of a shallow end.

Does the never ending scrolls making the time fly or escape?This is being the actual question,how less interacting or coherence it has been a with our real world.
In a survey it was found 15 out of 20 people living in a housing society don’t even know the family living next door or never interact.We have to admit the social interaction have declined and risks psychological distress pattern.Undoubtely WiFi and free internet has connected us with the whole world.But it has left humans less connected within themselves.

 Instagram has been the most addictive social media platform.The human mind likes to explore things through graphics and as an image-centric platform. Instagram has made a good rapport among the masses from every part of the world.The content creators are so biased to feed the users neglecting the explicitly, negativity and in some sort sugercoating lies.No matter how much Instagram or any tech giant try drawing out community guidelines,it would never be fully effective.There have been significant nuisance like people trying weird and dangerous challenges, explicitly,hate speech and nudity going unfiltered and unreported.The data scientists have failed to curb negativity and implement the community guidelines in a uniform and much effective way.The point of concern is it’s impact on young and underaged kids in negative way.It has resulted into low self-esteem in teenagers with its fake definition of perfection.The urge to look cool or called an instagram model faking through their pathetic,fake and sick content is not cool at all.

I know some libreals,celebrities and white collar guys would be dissing me for my opinion.But I would like cross question how could you keep a mum over killing ostriches to wear one day attrie and then advocate liberalism and reforms to make the world a better place.The very people are resposible for creation of fake beauty standards.They ironically would come for defence if someone’s bullied or body shamed.Alhough this act is also a part of their cheap publicity stunt.

Unfortunately human eyes doesn’t come with instagram filters and photoshop tools.If you’re an influencer, you’re responsible for  making our digital social platform a bit more safe,real and impacting the fandom in positive way.

The free WiFi and mobile internet being a key to virtual world.How our reaction is making someone viral overnight and affecting their lives is a subject for concern.The trolls are shaping conscience.The world media is busy feeding you Kardashians and James soup putting a blind fold on climatic change, unnecessary civil wars, refugee crisis, corrupt education system, and poor health care.

Next time when you scroll, post, repost or react.Keep the chamber of your wit open.