Ethical & Sustainable Fashion Here to Change the Indian Fashion Industry: Taaka Clothing

Sustainable fashion is now more important than ever before, as waste is now a by-product of the economy in general. Sustainable Fashion is increasingly important as it does its bit for the environment all while being socially responsible. One such brand is Taaka Clothing based in Bengaluru, India and it’s our great pleasure to get an insight into the brand from their Head of Design & Creatives: Natasha Tyagi,

About Taaka Clothing.

Based out of sunlit corner bungalow with red thatched roofs and marked by an almond tree upfront, right in the heart of the city of Bengaluru, lies the hub of Taaka people.

Slow & Conscious.

Taaka Clothing practice slow fashion wherein they have created a space where they are  not bound by trends or seasons or margins, instead, prefer to tell stories through their clothing that is laced with infinity.

Natasha their Head of Design and Creatives provides the following insight:

At our workshop, you’ll find us working on new techniques, taking the time to talk to each other and experimenting with fresh ideas. We did not choose to mass produce and burn fast. Instead, we chose to craft a brand with a heart, slowly and steadily, one stitch at a time.

Ethical & Transparent.

We’re honest people and don’t believe in pulling the wool over anyone’s eyes. From empowering good people to being transparent with our process, we want to enable you to make informed decisions. The kind that’ll send good karma your way. Psst… it’s infectious.

When you buy Taaka.

You join a steadily growing community of believers of good karma clothing. Your choice to pick conscious clothing may seem of little significance to you, but it is every single choice that has the power to change.

Be the change.

How Taaka was born.

As a child who favoured art over mathematics, it wasn’t a difficult choice for my parents to let me venture into higher studies that were built on artistic creativity and involved using a brush more than an equation. I graduated from NIFT Bangalore, with a Fashion and Textile Design degree in my hand all set to be a part of the glamorous and colourful industry.


Its been 9 years to that dream and only now have I understood – “What questions you ask are seldom answered until you dig deeper and find the truth yourself, to become the answer.”

Ask yourself: If shirt A lead to subjugation & contamination and shirt B lead to health and growth, despite the price difference would you go ahead and buy shirt A? Remember no one is asking whether you’ll buy shirt B.


From a farmer planting a single seed of cotton to the cotton garment reaching the landfill for becoming earth again, without depleting any resource or harming any being, the whole process has been built continuously using our natural resources.


In the millions of options that are available to us in the market, there are very few goods that are Shirt B.

The rest of my journey was fated. Taaka was born, as my answer to bring back good into the industry, I swore to build when I stepped out with my degree.

Taaka in Hindi means a stitch.

A kind stitch in time to mend the broken faith and create a better world. It took us almost a year to build our first collection “One clover and a bee” and launch the brand successfully. Slowly and consciously.

Our endeavour has been new and full of curious glances, and the response has been just what we thought, “You wouldn’t pick shirt A.” Most of us are unaware of the consequences of fast fashion. But given a choice, we do not want to wear fashion that hurt someone.

We are in a delicate stage in fashion, where we have ignored our choices as a consumer for far too long. From over flooding landfills of waste textiles, to ignored working conditions of those taking a hit for our cheap fashion choices. It’s time to change the way we buy clothes. It’s time to slow down.

Buy Better, buy lesser, make your clothes last longer and support handmade local craft and lastly dont forget to connect with the Taaka Team on Social Media

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