The Despicable Beauty by Reda Shahid

obsession with marraige in India

You may be in your 20’s, somewhere around 23-25, and unfortunately, this range is the most vulnerable one. Vulnerable why? Won’t you ask? Well, vulnerable to be attacked by these never-ending would never be ‘endangered species’ of our society. By these vermin, so-called ‘Rishtedaar’. If quite popular (you) then by ‘Padosis’ as well. Being a Padosi, it’s their birthright to look after:

    “Mere saamne wale khidki mein, ek chaand ka tukda rehta hai”

My dear, every year you celebrate your birthday, your best friend could afford to forget your birthday or wish you, but this concerned padosis, with every birthday of yours, they automatically update themselves about “how old are you”? (Just like an app automatically gets updated, every time a new version is launched) and if, if you are above 25, or celebrating your 25th birthday in a bachelor state, how could you? you don’t know, you have committed a big sin. You have already lived approximately 9262 days on this planet, are you going to give this world anything better?OMG! Look you are still single.

Who celebrates their 25th birthday alone? Poor You! This could have been avoided if you had been doing well in your career (Society thinks so).  Because at around your age, Michael Jackson was at his peak, renowned globally. Indian women were already representing India as Miss. India and Miss. World (Miss. Universe as well). But, you are still unmarried (You might be seeing someone in your life, but that won’t count). Even when you are not rocking in your life.  Then what on Earth do you think do you are doing?

On second thought, even if you are successful. Then again, why are you still single? Ummmmm! A big reason to worry. Oops! A big reason to worry on the part of society. This ultra-large vermin (you can relate it as “Aasteen ka Saap”) whom we also refer to as “Society” will enter your house. Any idea that who would be attacked first?  No, not you but your Parents.

Ab Dekho Kamaal,

Your hero, your Daddy just threw a shandaar party a few months back to celebrate his princess’s birthday, would now plan to contact the same caterer, this time for your wedding ( Thakur tu to Gayo). Yes! You heard it right, wedding.

    “Ab tera kya hoga Kaliya”?