The Reluctant Memsahib ~Ravneet Sangha {Part III}

I am Rahul, my parents are obsessed with me finding a nice Sardarni who doesn’t exist. They’re all just so jaded. I want a sunder Susheel Siyaani one, not a Nirma wali or a cotton printed panty wearing wali. I have nothing against cotton or natural fabrics but a guy is allowed a dream, and to fantasise.

I want someone who understands me, is independent and works and keeps her self occupied and most important isn’t obsessed with the world that has too many filters. I just can’t understand the whole idea of pouting and then having piggy faces and whiskers. I am even ok with take-out! I don’t need a cordon bleu cook, I just need normal chai and instant coffee. If I needed something fancy all the coffee places could give me those. I want to settle down and be a father and girls these days just want instagrammable moments, and want the Bollywood love and the humongous Polki sets and the pre-wedding shoots and the smoochies. My parents and the entire khandaan had their hopes that the first Bahu would have a perfect body, be gori Chitti and who knew how to cook but, also had a corporate job and was the perfect hostess with the hostess and could multi-task and manage a social soirée or a Satsang.

He just knew he was bait for all the ladies and their mommies who wished he was their son-in-law. And, today he was seeing someone (again). Mom and Chachi had said she was the one and she belonged to the same class as our family ( what does that mean)? Have we become so snobbish, that we have our own elite circles and we shouldn’t step out of the invisible blue bloodlines. He knew she was going to be spoilt and probably was dressed with designer labels from head to toe and would be well dressed, blow dryer hair, highlighted hair and the special Tory Burch Miller sandals that the entire ladies in his extended khandaan were wearing. He was supposed to go over to meet them around 5pm. It must be an auspicious time, and he just knew the routine.

It had to be the customary samosas, the sandwiches and the coffee and tea served in the delicate china from Good Earth and the subtle hint of silver spoons. She would come in and they would chit chat and there would name dropping. All he wanted was an evening out with a normal human being who understood the parallel universe of Marvel comics and LOTR.

He just needed one sane girl to understand that why fantastic beasts were more important than having sex or the fact that today was the day of the force and it was crucial to be a Jedi and not a Sith.

Picking up shoes and wearing em and cleaning them on the back of his jeans he decided to give it one more try.