Chapter II: The curious case of missing money ~ Ravneet Sangha

Eid was just around the corner the entire current of the village had changed , suddenly there were more bangle wallahas, mithai shops , and hawkers selling chunriyas of such bright colors and some were so light as if just a drop of red ink had gone in to the duppatta making it a light blush pink , and one that she had her heart was on as bright as Roohafzah red . Sheela , wanted the sheesha kinari chunnni with the tight fitting gharara for Eid Day , and she would wear the fake silver baliyan to match . She had her bangles lined up and when Ammaji was dressed , she was free for the day , to roam around , loiter the streets with her friends .ah , what bliss !

Arey Kalmuhi , kahan ho ? Ammaji was shouting , waking her out of her day dream and reverie of being lost .She knew something must have been misplaced or something was missing out of her precious cupboard. Aa gayi , ji , she ran to the room ,passing the Pir sahibs room and she saw that he was shouting at Chota Sahib . This was more interesting than going to Ammaji and listening to what she wanted. Why have you given the money without my knowledge ? They will never vote for us , if they can be bought with money they’re loyalty lies with money and they can just switch . How could you sink all the money from the sale of land to them? How did you not even ask me once? He roared , shouting , fuming and he had spittle coming out of his mouth , she knew better to loiter here .

Ammaji , kya hua ? Where are my keys? I can’t find them , I need to take out my Jewelry and take out money for eidi . She started looking at the usual places where she hid them , under the mattress, behind the dressing table , behind the picture , but she could not find them . The keys weren’t anywhere , she was worried and she asked again Ammaji , did you give them to sahib ? Or did you keep them at a new place . She knew she must have hidden them at a new place so no one could take out he big bundle of money that had been given by bade sahib yesterday just to be sitributed for Eid. Ammaji in all her finery still dressed up as the matriarch of a the royal family , in her beautiful handspun light as air , a dull gold with a wire of pink and bootis all over , that she wore with a voluminous Farshi gharara , and her gold earrings with a huge necklace that had twinkiling rubies winking in the light ! Her kohl lined eyes , paan stained lips and her strategic juda that seemed to be half done half made . Her clothes were made by her Masterji who seemed to be surviving only for her and her clothes , it seemed he would not take the next breath . Masterji was from the Raj times and had made for the Gori mem’s , the fitting and the cloth , he would go into raptures talking about it . He was her absolute favorite and he would stitch her clothes with invisible stitching and the Kiran for Eid .

She wanted the keys to make bundles and put them into envelopes and just count them again .
It also contained her favourite jewels , and the remnants of the Jewelry given to her by the OG , her husband who ruled everything before things changed with a sudden heart attack. Well that thought was for another time , but she needed to find the keys . Find the keys, and hurry up . Sheela started looking everywhere and she could not find it , she even went to the bathroom and thought of going to the kitchen and ask Chotu and other maids. But , no one dared do this , it was the impossible. She knew no one would dare do this as it was sacred , and everyone was afraid of the dark room where any culprit was taken to confess his or her crimes. A lot of people never lived upto own their crimes but she was scared now. A lot of times the keys were misplaced but were always found and now they weren’t anywhere and she had a sinking feeling that they would try to pin it on her .