4 Inspiring Le Cordon Bleu London Alumni Success Stories

At Le Cordon Bleu London, success seems to be a part of the curriculum. Luminous alumni and successful grads color the ranks of the Le Cordon Bleu London graduating cohorts and many of these luminaries go on to become celebrity chefs, in-demand restauranteurs, and owners of their own consortium of cafes, catering businesses, patisseries and more. 

While some grads focus on managing the business aspect, leading the way in hospitality and management within the food and viticulture world, others sharpen their culinary skills, perfecting the art of creating, cooking and baking with classical techniques in global restaurants and hotels. 

Diverse but dedicated, the skill level of the alumni at Le Cordon Bleu is unparalleled. Here are four definitive stories that describe the experiences of some of the culinary institute’s most distinguished graduates. 

Dhruv Mittal

Once Dhruv Mittal graduated from Le Cordon Bleu London with a Grand Diplôme®, his first order of business was to begin adding to his hands-on experience by working in Michelin-starred restaurants across the UK and then in India. When he finally left India once more, he had everything he would need to begin his own idea, The Chaiwalla Supperclub

Bringing together the best of Indian street food and the precision and quality of his Le Cordon Bleu training, Dhruv then turned to envisioning and opening the DUM Biryani House, a restaurant in central London, just off Oxford Street. For many restaurant-goers, it was a new way to experience the ‘comforts’ of classical Indian cuisine, served up with refreshing elan and modern flair. 

Today, both Dhruv and DUM Biryani House are going strong.

Anahita Dhondy

When Anahita Dhony decided that Le Cordon Bleu London was her path to culinary mastery, she knew that she’d have to bring her own discipline, dedication, and hard work. 

Her chops, at the young age of 27, are impressive: Today, she’s the Chef Manager at the fan-favorite, SodabottleOpenerWala, a Bombay-based Irani cafe and bar. 

And though she immensely enjoys her time behind the scenes, this Le Cordon Bleu graduate has made headlines through her achievements. Accolades include the ‘The Young Chef’ award, Times Food Award, and the Hospitality Sector ‘Indian of the Year’ title. 

Clearly, Anahita’s star is rising because she also completed a stint as a judge on the popular TV food show “Femme Foodies”. And, to think, this all began with a dream to jet set around the world, cooking modern French cuisine and delighting in local gastronomy while perfecting her technique. 

Michael Swamy

Like Anahita, who earned a diploma in Hotel Management first, Michael Swamy chose Le Cordon Bleu for its global reputation. 

But his path took him on a very different journey. Once he had earned his diploma and perfected his culinary skills at a position at Kuwait Airways, Michael traded in the opening of a restaurant for a personal project that would spark a blend of the creative and the culinary. 

He wrote and published a cookbook known as The East Indian Kitchen, while also writing and creating food content for various clients. It was a novel path and one that led him to a vastly satisfying turn into food media. 

Today, years after that fated enrolment at Le Cordon Bleu, Michael has celebrated 10 years as a food stylist and photographer, wrapping up two seasons working on MasterChef India. 

Rakhee Vaswani

Rakhee Vaswani’s face is known across India. But when she first arrived at Le Cordon Bleu London, it was with a conviction and a dream: to steep herself in food culture and build a notable empire. 

So positive and instructive was the entire experience in London that, in 2010, Rakhee returned with her own version of a creative culinary idea: To open up and run the first-ever set of cooking studios in India. Known as Palate Cooking Studio, this is where India’s own budding chefs, amateurs and food professionals perfect their own skills and are granted a UK-Certified Culinary Diploma Course — the first of its kind in the country. 

Besides this, in true celebrity chef form, Rakhee travels across the globe, collaborating with other world-renowned chefs, covering major food events, and managing her own food TV show, “Rewind with Rakhee”. 

The graduates of Le Cordon Bleu London prove one very crucial thing. There’s no one right path to take. Esteemed diplomas empower students to take on any path in the food and beverage industry they want. It all comes down to how personally invested and creative they intend to be.