Things you realize in your Twenties by Prachi Kumari

The early twenties is the period in every person’s life where either he can create or destroy his unique identity. But if you are neither creator nor destroyer then relax you are not in the worst category. You are an EXPLORER.

“Never doubt an explorer

When they settle like clouds

Without paying attention to crowd

Even can stop the sunlight

With a heavy downpour.”

Yes, you are exploring the world around you because it is changing for you drastically. Or It’s the reality which is coming to your ways. Now you can see the real faces of people around you more prudently.

As you move and explore more, you get to know how useless gossips are because here everyone has flaws within themselves. You are gossiping about some other person, and that person also gossip is about you. So mathematically, it gets cancelled and the relationship between the two spoils.

After traversing further, you get to know there is no space for kindness in complex people’s life. They will trigger you badly for their advantages because they have some complicated algorithm in their mind to solve the problem and to win the rat race of success. According to their algorithm, you are nothing but just a resource to gain something.

What you need to do to deal all such problems:

1. Accept the reality as it is

Don’t attach yourself to victim thinking. You are exploring the world. Accept the fact this is how most people are working. Prove your positivity and easy algorithm of mind to be the best.

Some people always consider you wrong no matter what you do. They have habit and perception of negativity. Trust me you can’t change them but yourself.

2. Analyze things in right direction

Exploring doesn’t involve just realizing how world and people are working. It’s all about:

· Knowing how different fields are working.

· Knowing your interest, where you can work efficiently.

3. Be reasonable to your every step

Various people consider twenties people as less experienced and scared to offer them responsibilities.

So how you can show them your worth?

The simple answer is to be reasonable at every step you take. Your reasons to choose a particular way shows how you can handle different situations.

4. Deal your haters in right way

Dealing with haters is one of the critical tasks.

“What defines a person is not how he deals with his fans and well-wishers but how he treats his haters.”

Often people choose to destroy their unique asset because some of their haters are not liking that asset. As negativity is more attention seeker, people collapse and starts thinking themselves as useless just because of 3 haters out of 10. Trust me, there comes no time when everyone is on your side. Never.

This is the harsh truth. If you are too kind, many people call you good but still, some say you are pretending to be kind and overreacting.

So choose your own path which gives you immense pleasure mentally. Grasp those qualities which you think as interesting or necessary.

5. Investment in right relationships

With the passage of time, you get to know your true companions in the journey of life. Then we don’t give fake promises to anyone except professional work. We start valuing our time and try to spend it with the right ones. This is the major thing one should know that with whom you want to invest your time. Try to surround yourself with the ones who motivate you and appreciate your efforts.

No need to take any stress because a lot of things are changing with time. It’s the best time to know and explore the world around you. Explore but don’t stop.