This ain’t Jatt and Juliet by Ravneet Sangha

If he fights for Hindus, he is a saviour.If he fights for the nation , he is a martyr .If he fights for his rights , he is a terrorist .These are the lines that are making the rounds and clearly shows how the media is manipulating the public . Punjab is on the move , thousands of farmers who are peacefully protesting and are moving to Delhi to register and is fighting for the repealing of the bills is met along the way by barricades, road blocks , roads have been dug up and police is targeting them with water cannons and tear gas. How do the old Jats with flowing beards and dressed in their kurta pajamas pose such a threat to the government ? Lakhs of farmers , men and women , old and young have moved with enough ration and supplies and some are walking by foot to Delhi intimidating the authorities that they stop on every road. .the barricades have been lifted, the road blocks put aside ,as we watch with bated breath ,and the fumes make the eyes water ,and leave skin rashes . They are also met on the way with stones .Why does the simple Jatt be such a threat to all? You love making sardarji jokes , memes on us , on our turbans , on the flashy clothes we wear , you love our culture, you borrow it , every Bollywood movie has one song or one mandatory reference but now when we fight not for a handout but for  respect why are all of you quiet?Cashing on Bhagat Singh, Battle of Sarainaga and even worse Udta Punjab but now , where are you all? In fact , the brightest of them tries to tell us that we have this old lady for hire , Rs 100 and she is at the forefront of every protest , be it Pakistani or this. Dear  Motormouth , don’t mess with us , you are from the state that was carved out from us , so don’t cash on the ridiculous . By playing the nationalist card , you cannot win votes or sway the public .if you’ve been following the march , you must have seen the heroic , proud farmer ,who walks on without any crux or backbone of a any political patronage or without any organisation as alleged by some . They also tried to insinuate that some ‘foreign power’ is financing them.When you make jokes about us , you also know about our ethos where we are the most generous of the lot . Our  Gurus gave the world , the meaning of martyrdom , to save the Hind , they gave the world the concept of langar , where everyone is fed irrespective of caste creed, color or status . They taught us to give water to the enemy . And all this was in front of you ,where the old men who were hit by tear gas , fed langar to the security forces and were given water . We can give our lives to save the nation and defend the order and the same blood grows the wheat that sustains you .Dont test the rebel , he is waiting to be challenged.The days are long and the gets even longer whe a sepoy lays down his life not he border whilst his father is on the way to Delhi . The high standards of misreporting are such that they label us as terrorists . why does the journalist ever worry about his moral or ethical code or is that so buried under the run for higher TRP? We are all in this together , don’t insult ,don’t humiliate us. It’s also not a fight between the sikhs and Hindus . Dont give it a communal color , don’t let the country burn Its the  Jatt , the son of the soil against the farmer . farmers from all over want this to end and why are we so vocal , because we are 2 percent of the population but we grow 40 percent of the wheat and rice . You’re messing with our livelihood where we will be at the mercy of a handful who will dictate prices and ruin us . If nothing else moves you, earn from the pandemic and remember its food that you need and the rupee . 

Ravneet Sangha
A sad upset and distressed farmer