Trust Your Truth ~ Amy Goldberg

I have been a seeker and I still am, but I stopped asking the books and the stars. I started listening to the teachings of my Soul.


My quest has been about observing and understanding human behavior. Gathering information through the perspective of others, books, courses, philosophers, travel. Although helpful, the reality is that it didn’t quite have me finding ‘me.’

These distractions, as I now realize, didn’t give me the courage to dig deep enough into my soul. Even when I knew my truth to be real. I felt that if I did dig deep it would feel too self-absorbed and egotistical. Where finding my truth seems self-centered. As a giver, it just felt strange to me. And yet, I know that simply wasn’t true.

Of course, I realize that this was my way of not having to deal with my feelings. I’m a strong person. A crusader for all things kind and humane, and yet I felt as if I was fighting a battle within myself. That battle of disconnectedness, unease, and aloneness. I masked it with my enthusiasm and happy disposition.

Interestingly, I’ve observed that it’s the happy-go-lucky people in the world that tend to be uncomfortable sharing their feelings. That was me.

The ‘me’ that helped others. The me that, if you were going down in a plane crash would put the oxygen mask on you before myself. Well, we know that’s wrong.

Ironically, top of my priority list is to take care of my health and well-being so that I can be more helpful to others. So why would this be any different?

Guess what. If you don’t reveal your truth, then you will never get close enough to yourself. Which means, you will have a tough time being close with others. How could you if you’re not close with yourself?

When you start to identify and write down your truth, your truth will unfold.

Recognize that your fears are what’s holding you back. Know that fear is not your enemy. It is your accepting relationship to fear that reveals a trusted friend over foe.

Surrendering to your fear, is your intuition revealed.  When you embrace fear, you are then one decision away from changing your life. Once this happens, trust will lead you out of fear, and accessing your intuition unlocks the value of your valor. This is where empowerment reveals itself. No longer enslaved to what you were previously afraid of reveals a clear path to (re)claim the life of your dreams. I say, it’s time to receive.

It’s time for you. You don’t need to feel enclosed or sheltered from your own self. You can rise above and start to Trust Rise. That’s powerful.

You can pivot in life as many times as you see fit. Pivoting is just another way of saying; “This isn’t working for me.” This is not fear or failure. This should not define you.

What you’re creating is a happier, healthier, more authentic and true self.

You’re not going to worry about what others have to say or think about you. You are that person that will determine where you’re at. You know that your truth is yours, and no one else’s.

This is your journey. One that you get to choose.

The truth is that you can make the decision to move in a direction that best serves you. It is not selfish, or ego driven. It’s honoring who you are and what speaks to your soul.

In observing humankind, I believe that we are all searching for that higher ground.

We are all looking for that trust rise. It takes a lifetime for people to be there truth. Many don’t achieve this sense of peace or calm.

Our morality is wrapped in a warped sense of what we think we should be rather than what we need to be.

If you lead with your truth, you wouldn’t need any rules. You would instinctively know right from wrong. You would lead with kindness, love and human compassion. Rather, we become even more confused as we witness the inhumanity to humankind on a daily basis. This is ludicrous.

I’m convinced that the reason we read self-help and personal development books is to have someone else reinforce to us that we’re not crazy. That we’re not going insane. I find myself saying often; “Is it just me ….?”

The noise in your head. Your thoughts. Your cries. These are shout-outs from your soul to say; “You’re not listening to me.” You need to feed your soul by first understanding that by trusting your truth you will have found the way.

Trust your Truth. It won’t lie to you.