#readingwithravs: China Rich Girlfriend – Kevin Kwan

This idea just came into being just like that, a love derived out of reading books and sharing what I feel about them with an audience that just knows. Reading to me is akin to getting transported into another world where one dreams and becomes the character, worried about them and is just enamoured, sad, happy, scared, worried. It’s a jumble of emotions.

This description and my love will go on and on. In no particular order will I review my books, they just come into my lives and I live them.

A couple of years ago, one of my friends sent me a postal package and it had books! Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan. This book written by someone who is as old as I am has made me laugh and is just what is needed to cosy up on a rainy day with coffee and some chips or chocolates (whatever you fancy). The story about the ultra-rich, old money grandeur, the sophisticated styles that have made me drool. It’s written with panache and élan that makes it a bestseller!

The characters grow on you, the subtle nuances and the intermingling of the East and West, the traditions, the super-rich and the tantrums they throw all seem unreal but as he says, this does happen in the inner circle, old-money family he belongs to.

I recommend this book for happiness and for reading when you feel the world is closing on to you and you are waiting for the gloom to lift! I’m reading the third part, China Rich Girlfriend and it’s as good as it gets. The story, the consistency is brilliant and he is great. Just like our Bolly wood movies, there is love, drama, dokha and the eternal question money vs. love!

What are you waiting for? Order, buy and read away and do not for heaven’s sake do a short cut and watch the multi-million hit movie by the same name!