Veganism & Climate Change

Veganism and climate change

As much as we all would like to save our environment and keep it alive for the new generations to come, we know very little about what is causing the damage and how we can contribute in saving it. For example, did you know that veganism plays a considerable part in actually helping the environment stay green? And that, if adopted by common man, their habits can contribute in saving the air we live in?

One way vegans are helping the massive climate change is by avoiding meat. Yes! There are more than just ethical and religious aspects to it.

The amount of grain and water that goes into feeding these animals only to have them butchered later on for commercial purposes is a huge investment that can easily be cut down to a considerable percentage if the consumption of commercial meat decreases.

Killing , transporting, processing and storing them requires an even larger amount of resources that can be saved or, at least, minimized.  

Forests and trees are cut down to feed these animals. Not only does this mean lesser oxygen production, but also decreased removal of harmful gases in the air we breathe.

To add on, these large numbers of animals themselves produce a whole amount of greenhouse gases, which cannot be removed from the air because of the decreased amount of forests.

These greenhouse gases have their own large impact on the atmosphere and ultimately, the climate. These gases include methane, carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide.

According to researches, animal agriculture produces more greenhouse gases than all the transportations in the world combined.

It was concluded that meat products produced more environmental harm than vegan products and that a huge part of climate change has to do with animal agriculture.

We, as human beings, as people of the planet, can collectively save our environment from this mass climate change by only cutting down on basic edible items like meat. After all, we owe this planet that much of a sacrifice, right?

So, even if you can’t implement on this piece of advice, the next time you see a vegan preaching the advantages of veganism, instead of arguing, give them another reason to flaunt their choices.