What Can You Expect? By Amy Goldberg

I can guarantee you that if you continue down the same path that you’re going, expect the same results. If you’re happy with that path, great. If, however, it’s the path of least resistance, then rethink your path.

If you’re not thrilled with where you are in your life, then you need to take action. Stop looking around and start soul searching. Yes. Search your soul, you’re very being for the answers. They are there. If you haven’t found that ‘thing’ that is uniquely yours, that ‘thing’ that excites you, gives you energy, then you’re not done exploring yet.

What can you expect?

In a time of instant gratification, and celebrity status seekers, you need to know that overnight success takes no less than 5 years and for most 12+ years. Having said that, you better be enjoying the process. If you’re driving toward the end goal and dreading the process to get there – guess what, it’s not your ‘thing.’ It’s just not.

Of course, you’re going to have some powerful wins and some ego-testing blows during your journey. It’s all about learning and growing. Sometimes the fruits of your labor come in a way that is so subtle that your success just sneaks up on you. That’s how blurred the lines are when you’ve found your ‘thing.’

You can also expect to be tested, constantly. By those that have opinions, and by you doubting yourself. And it will happen.

If you’re not asking for one’s opinion, or seeking advice, then put blinders on and get really focused on your intent. The ‘thing’ that you found for yourself.

Don’t let others bring you down. They may sound like the voice of reason, and yet, they have no idea. They’re not in your shoes. Sure, people can offer their experiences and wisdom, and yet remember, it’s from their perspective. Not yours.

You owe it to yourself. Your happiness. Your life. To follow what it is that has you leaping out of bed.

Just know that you have control over your expectations, your focus, your intention, and yourself.

These are all choices you can make. It’s in your hands.

Now, go get it.