What your bag says about your personality?

Purses are much more than just an accessory. Because you hold them so close and they’re such an integral part of your daily routine, the bag you choose to carry on a regular basis doesn’t just tote your on-the-go essentials — it also carries clues to who you are.  

Our personality determines a lot of things, from our life choices to our whole look. Bags are one such part of our attire. They are not only utilitarian but can also add oomph to the whole ensemble.  

Priyanka Ahuja, Partner at Shopaholics lists the different types of handbags and how they may define your personality. 

If You Carry A…                                                                     

Shoulder Bag — You’re a Charismatic and Multi-Faceted Doer  

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In a word, your purse of choice is classic. Exuding timeless style, the shoulder bag takes you from workday to date night with no wardrobe change (or purse swap!) necessary.  

Tote — You’re a Far-Sighted Pragmatist  

With its open top and single, roomy compartment, this bag style is literally a “carryall,” hinting that you come more than ready to take on just about every situation. 

Clutch — You’re a Visual Thinker 

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A fashionista’s best friend, this demure handbag typifies elegance. Observes Wood, “Its small size makes it fairly inconvenient, hinting that you’re more interested in its lines and contours.” Drawn to beauty in all forms, be it art or decor, and a minimalist at heart, you gravitate to this subtle, stylish silhouette because you know that sometimes, less is indeed more.  

Hobo — You’re an Imaginative Dreamer  

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You’re as much of a non-conformist to the stuffy status quo as your cool slouchy bag is to the strict confines of form and shape. Creative and free-spirited, you love grabbing your purse and jetting off to wherever the wind may take you, whether you’re headed on a solo road trip or meeting up with friends.