When I was Home Quarantined ~ Shraddha Rane 

As we enter into unlock 1.0, I would want people to take care of themselves and take all the necessary precautions. Let’s keep in mind that the lockdown is opening for the economy and not because the virus is gone.

Coronavirus is not a joke. It is capable of causing a life-and-death situation in your homes just like it did to  4,00,558 families across the globe.

I too did not believe the suspected, confirmed and death numbers were real until the virus affected my family. And I think it’s the same with everybody who’s directly unaffected by this COVID-19 pandemic.

I stay with my parents in Mumbai, the biggest hotspot in the early days of corona and still continues to be. We took all the necessary precautions and stayed indoors as soon as the lockdown was announced.

My quarantine was going great and I stayed extremely productive amid the global pandemic. Despite the unusual situation, I adjusted myself into a new routine of mine – Work from home which was then followed by various reading and writing sessions.

I published a blog every Sunday to help readers stay sane during a crisis. We were a happy family until my father fell ill. Falling sick amidst a pandemic is just undesirable. It was only on the eighth day of a patterned fever did we got him checked for COVID-19.

Our life was turned upside down when the tests came out positive. As a blogger, I’ve always preached lessons on being positive but ever since the reports were out, I feared the word “positive”.

As both my parents were tested positive, I was home quarantined. Life had changed. I was moulding myself into a new routine.

My relationships with a lot of people changed as I witnessed a completely new and beautiful face of humanity. I rediscovered a big caring family in my neighbourhood. If it was not for them, I would have broken completely.

Seventeen days of home quarantine taught me tons of lessons that otherwise I would have not learned at all. Though I was alone in the house, my books accompanied me throughout. I read extensively to cope up with my loneliness. Books helped me stay healthy, mentally.

But on the tenth day, when nothing seemed to be working and loneliness struck in, I began writing down everything that I was experiencing around me. And then there was no stopping. Writing is the only therapy I’ve mastered well.

Putting my thoughts to paper, gradually helped me come full circle and see the world with a brand new perspective. During a three week turmoil going on in my life, I hadn’t published on my blog which perturbed me from within.

But as I’ve always been honest with my readers, I owed them an explanation. I finished writing my experience in eight days. As it was too long to be shared on a blog, I decided to publish it as an ebook.

To my surprise, my readers showed a lot of love for the ebook and tagged it as an “inspirational read”, “must-read” on Amazon. I always say that “Readers make writers” which got validated with this ebook of mine named – “Home Quarantined – a story of hope, inspiration & kindness”.

Looking at the tremendous response for the ebook, now I wish it reaches many more readers and inspires them in every way possible. This ebook is an honest depiction of my COVID-19 experience and how I got through it. It’s a pragmatic story of hope, grit, determination and faith. You can grab your copy on Amazon and make it your inspirational read.

About The Author

She has always been a writer at heart and decided to follow her heart at 24. As she had her parents back she gathered the guts to leave the big IT world and follow her passion for writing. She’s now a content writer and also maintains her own blog diligently. She says, “Writing brings in peace and a sense of satisfaction. In the course of years, I happened to read a book called – “Man’s Search For Meaning” where the author revolves around a single idea. He says, “Live for a Why that’ll help you to endure the How”. This very idea keeps me going. The fact that I want to write and inspire my readers keeps me hooked up to my ‘Why’. The ‘How’ automatically crawls in. She has been writing for 6 years and you can read her work on her website – shraddharane.com and Instagram page @blogger_shradz