Monsoon Skincare with Dr Abhijeet Desai

It is extremely important to take good care of your skin during monsoon.

Fungal infections are very common during monsoon because of humidity factor. Most common areas of fungal infections are skin folds in the groin area, fold under the breast, and underarms. It’s very important to keep these areas dry by regularly dusting an anti fungal powder.

Another important area to look after during monsoon are the feet. Feet too especially in between the toes are very susceptible to fungal as well as bacterial infection because of their contact with dirty rain water on the ground. One should try and keep the feet dry at all times. Preferably avoid closed shoes and opt for open sandals. After contact with dirty rain water one should clean them with Luke warm water by immersing feet in the water by adding some antiseptic solution to it. Use antibacterial soap to clean the feet.

Even though it’s monsoon and the summer heat has come down our face still get fairly oily because of the humid atmosphere in monsoon. Wash the face with cleansers effective for this condition and also a light scrub occasionally.
Use moisturisers which are light. It is very commonly perceived that sunscreens are not necessary in monsoon because the sun is not so strong. But this is absolutely incorrect. It is very important to use sunscreen equally well in monsoon as uv rays penetrate even through clouds. Although one can use a light oil free sunscreen to suit the weather.