Make your house Monsoon Ready with Evolve

Rains have started pouring down from the roofs, and we are sure pleased by them. After a long, hot corona summer; we can finally feel the cool breeze and the pleasant petrichor! However, while we welcome the monsoon with open arms, we also need to make our home ready for the season!

Wireless Switches

The most important and basic thing in every household is electricity. It’s also the one thing that is most misused. During monsoon these switches are to be covered and the damaged electrical cords should be replaced to prevent danger from electric shock. Evolve India came up with a more sustainable option for switches. A switch that works without batteries, wiring or even the internet? Evolve ensures that  they take less from the environment, in whatever little way they can. Here we enlist 3 things that make it so much better than our regular switches and why one should incorporate them in their homes during monsoons- 

  1. They run on kinetic energy: The switches include a magnet that works as a micro energy generator. The kinetic energy generated by switching the panel down is collected and transferred into electricity that powers the internal radio system to transmit signal and control the switching on or off of appliances.
  2. They are wireless and battery free: They are wireless and battery-free and hence  require no connection to the power source and control lights, fans and other home appliances through ultra-high frequencies.
  3. They require no structural renovation: Since they do not need any wires, and the receiver is directly connected to the junction box, there is no need to break walls and renovate, saving on material, labour and wastage.

2. Automated Drying Rack

If you’ve taken the joy of slipping into crisp, freshly dried clothes during the summer for granted, you’re sure to regret it now that the rains have hit. Attempt to dry your clothes as you do usually and you’ll find your garments either soaking wet or damp and musty. Fortunately, you can prevent this with Evolve’s automated clothes drying rack. Gone are the days when people would strain their hips just to dry out their clothes. These racks are user-friendly, efficient and economical and come in two variants – remote operated and pulley operated. It not only makes your home look aesthetic by freeing up floor space but also makes your daily chores fun and breezy! The automated hanger has 4 expandable stainless steel rods out of which 2 are foldable like wings. The other 2 rods have a total of 28 hanger slots to dry your clothes using hangers. It is easy to assemble without any tools and is made of aluminium and stainless steel.

DIY Rust Material Kits

With so many rust problems around the house, garage, basement we needed to find a versatile combination of products that could help prevent rust and remove rust that currently exists. This DIY kit focuses on versatile products that can be used in many different applications yet provide a safer alternative ideal for home use. Manufactured using a water-based green technology, the kits use real metal and are more eco-friendly than all other surface decor options available in the market today. This innovation has enabled architects and interior designers to create customizable rustic designs for their clients thus making their clients go ‘Wow!’