Where you should travel in 2023, based on your zodiac sign

Should you recharge with a night of stargazing or do you need to take the plunge—literally?

The new year is upon us and the biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams. For those looking to travel in 2023, cutting loose from the 9-to-5 grind and indulging in the ideal vacation for your zodiac sign could be the key to having a fulfilling year. Ahead, we take a peek at the kind of holiday—both local and international—your soul is craving right now and how you should travel in 2023 based on your zodiac sign:


None of that ‘eat, pray, love’ sappiness for your fiery personality—your idea of a departure from everyday life needs to get your adrenalin flowing to help you channel your inner competitive spirit.

Book tickets: Parasailing over Andaman or white water rafting in Australia. 


Live, love and languish is your mantra for the coming year—any destination that needs you to break a sweat is off the cards. Instead, consider scenic towns where you can enjoy the slow life and recharge your batteries. 

Book tickets: Staycation at Sujan Rajmahal Palace in Jaipur or a beach spa at Maldives.


Pics or it didn’t happen are the guiding watchwords of your itinerary, and it should come as little surprise that all roads lead to the most Instagram-able destinations where your spontaneous personality can truly shine. 

Book tickets: Weekend in a houseboat in Kashmir or hot air balloon breakfast at Cappadocia.   


You can always count Cancer with the cosy-seekers, which means that chasing the sunset on prolonged road trips has never held much appeal for you. Ruled by the crab, this sign gravitates towards coastal destinations and secluded cabins away from the world. 

Book tickets: Beach villa in Pondicherry or island-hopping in Thailand.


Dominated by the sun, this zodiac sign is not one to tread the beaten path. Your more-is-more personality truly revels in exploring off-beaten destinations that will have others begging for your itinerary when you get back. 

Book tickets: High-altitude mountain biking in Manali or shark cage diving in Cape Town.


Your innate curiosity is attracted towards cultural spots that offer a peek into a different lifestyle, heritage or a bygone era. Sink your teeth into an immersive cultural walk or expand your horizons with a museum tour. 

Book tickets: Morning boat ride in Benaras or lose track of time in the Reading Room at the British Museum.


Creative and idealistic in equal measure, your dream vacay would need to not just relax the senses but also replenish your soul. If you are looking for a break from the everyday grind, swap the itsy-bitsy getaways in favour of a more immersive trip that can send you on a journey of self-discovery. 

Book tickets: Meditate at a monastery in Ladakh or wander through the streets of Marrakech.


For a sign that is inclined towards transformation, it stands to reason that travel is a means for rebirth. Earthy destinations hold great appeal for your sign, so why not make room in your packed schedule for a weekend of glamping? 

Book tickets: Luxury tents in Jaisalmer or cave suites in Turkey.


Travel is therapy for your soul, and your inner sense of adventure means that your bucket list isn’t a ‘someday’ item on your vision board. With the coming year offering new opportunities, it might be the time to loosen the tethers of your comfort zone and give free rein to your inner adventurer. 

Book tickets: An all-girls road trip in Leh or chasing the Northern Lights across Norway.


Your analytical personality unsurprisingly has a hard time taking a backseat when it comes to leisure—you aren’t one to hop in a car and follow the road where it takes you. If you are looking to unwind in the new year, loosen your grip on the reins and look for ways to expand your horizons.

Book tickets: Safari tour in Assam or skiing at Mont Blanc.


You prefer collecting moments over things, and your intellectual personality looks at travel as an investment in yourself. While others are scrambling for sunset selfies, you prefer exploring the path less taken. 

Book tickets: Solo mountain expedition in Ladakh or shipwreck diving in Egypt.


When you feel your inner storyteller running out of fuel, it is time to let travel transform you. After all, your romantic soul means that you love losing your heart to a new place, soaking in the culture and emerging anew when you return—or possibly considering moving permanently.  

Book tickets: Revel in the silence of the Kerala backwaters or soar free with a forest swing in Bali.