The LED Eyeliner Is The Next Big Beauty Trend

This New Year, brighten up any place you step into with this extremely easy and chic LED eyeliner trend! Although the clean girl makeup look has dominated our FYPs, maximalist trends like sunburnt blush, disco eye makeup, cold girl makeup, prism eyes, and so on are luring us to experiment with our looks yet again in 2023. Adding a bright and dramatic element to any simple everyday look is gonna be on top of our beauty lists this year. The LED eyeliner trend is actually all you need to enhance any makeup look and we want in on it! In order to assist you in recreating this pretty eye makeup look, we have done some research on this latest beauty fad. Here’s the lowdown.

What Is This Trend All About?

In order to make the graphic or coloured eyeliner stand out, this particular LED eyeliner look uses a white eyeliner border. As a result, the contrast gives the impression of having LED lights in multiple colours. Keep your face jewels and sequins away because this look adds drama in a really novel way. This trend is sure to get our Euphoria fans excited.

Here’s How You Can Recreate This LED Eyeliner Makeup Look Like A Pro

The LED-liner trend is full of possibilities. A quick Instagram browse demonstrates the variety of ways you may replicate this look. The fact that you only need products from your regular beauty kit for this makeup trend is just the cherry on top. All you need is a baseline of white eyeliner and your preferred colour of eyeshadow or liner.

You can use white eyeliner and then top it off with your a coloured eyeshadow of your choice. Take any white eyeliner – kohl, liquid or gel and you are good to go.

Start by drawing an outline with the white liner. Layer a vibrant eyeshadow on top (you can also use a coloured cream or liquid liner) once it has dried. Use primary colours like red, yellow, and blue to provide a true LED vibe. You can apply a second layer of both the white eyeliner and the coloured eye shadow for an added oomph.

Now that you know how to achieve the LED eyeliner look, are you ready to hop on the trend?