Why We Write by Jyoti Kerkar

We all readers have a secret dream of writing and get published right. But though this is too my dream, and I have published books. There are different thoughts to why I write.

I woke up in the middle of the night with my heart beating like a drummer, the clock noisily, the eerie light playing different scenes on the opposite wall and then I started reciting in my sleep thoughts’ about why I write.

I write to control my unruly mind. I write to discover myself, I write to meet ghost, I write to see words forming on the page, I write because I am imaginative, I write to remember, I write to forget, I write to see my thoughts on a page, I write to get a feeling of creation.

I write so because I can express what I want or what I don’t I write because of good, bad, ugly memories. I write for the farfetched travels I still have not made, I write because am mad at something, I write for the cool breeze that blew my hair across my face.

I write because of pure joy, I write knowing words always fall short, I write knowing I maybe crucified by my own understanding or misunderstanding. I write out of knowledge, I write out of ignorance.

I write with the belief of Alchemist, I write as a ritual, I write out of gluttony, I write out of frustrations, I write when m hungry.

I write for the hungry children on the street, I write looking at the street lamps I write when I am having my tea, I write for the love of ideas, I write for the darkness lurking in the corner, I write for the dogs that bark at night.

I write for the random thoughts crossing my mind. I write to subdue my anger, I write to reach the end of the tunnel, I write to heal, I write to cure, I write to be patient, I write to bear the pain, I write to nurture.

I write to record my thought, I write to vent the voices in my head, I write to soothe my soul, I write in passion, I write in despair, I write to migrating birds, I write watching the sea, I write when I see a crowd.

I write when I am alone, I write for the shadows, I write for the friends who left me, I write to wish someone, I write to face a loss, I write to see colourful drawings on paper, I write for the music in my heart, I write knowing he is there with me.

I write to be different, I write to express gratitude, I write to the greenery around me, I write when I see the distant horizon, I write to the colours of the sunset, I write to soar like a bird, I write as it is a risk, a gamble, like love, to form words, to say the words, to touch the source and to be touched.

I write to whisper in the ear of the one I Love.

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