Workwear Staples for Women by Madhulina Sur

Dressing up for work has never really been easy for women, whether they are proceeding toward a corporate environment or a more creative office space. And when it comes to creating a lasting impression at work, women tend to buy more and more of the same stuff without realizing that a few key pieces are what it takes to create a strong impact. It is also very important to pick comfortable and chic clothing that are both on trend and to your taste, and like Jean Paul Gaultier once said, “It is beautiful to be what you are.”

Workwear clothing might vary depending on your profession, if you are a creative professional, then it is wise for you to choose smart and stylish ensembles that are apt for the transition from work to dinner but if you are in the corporate world and looking for a breakthrough at your office then it is wiser to follow the rules of the boardroom. Here, we have decided to bring to you five workwear staples for women, which would be appropriate for the boardroom as well as a casual environment.

The White Shirt


What do you know about white shirts? That they are civil and conventional? Think again. I must tell you that there is more to a simple crisp white shirt that meets the eye. They can be moulded from day wear to party wear just as easily. The white shirt is the number one staple garment for your work and we highly recommend it.

How to wear: Corporate style

Wear this sophisticated piece of an ensemble with a black pencil skirt or a power suit. It goes well with wide legged trousers, slim drainpipes, and mid-length pencil skirts. A well-fitted shirt has the ability to make or break your look, so be prepared to take on this garment.

  • A shirt should have proper fit and length, wear it with a pencil skirt or trousers at the office
  • Avoid darts that adhere to the bust because it attracts a lot of unwanted attention
  • Wear it tucked in for a smarter take on your look

How to wear: Off-duty style

For those creative professionals who deal in art and fashion, dressing up with a white shirt can be on the fun side. Accessorising the shirt with fun neck pieces and sequinned collars puts a dazzle to your look.

  • Wear your shirt with high waist or ankle length trousers
  • You can also pair it with a structured printed skirt
  • Have fun with collar accessories and tie necklaces with this staple garment

The Power Suit


This spring it’s all about the power suit. And why not, when the going gets tough, you need to flaunt your alpha male side to the chauvinists. Let the boardroom temperatures soar with a mean power suit.

Corporate style:

The power suit needs a confident stroke and bold attitude to carry it off with aplomb. It is your silent weapon in the office, one that you should use to let others take you seriously.

  • A black suit with sleek features and fit can be the envy of your colleagues
  • Another option for you is to wear a tuxedo with trousers and a high neck shirt

Off-duty style

A power suit is for every woman, in every colour, bold prints and colours personified. If the black and white is too stern for you, then I would advice you to take the coloured route. Pink, yellow, red, saffron and blue are all waiting to be explored by the dynamic you. Take a cue from the Versace catwalks for Spring 2018.

  • Take on the power suit with a dash of colour and matching prints.
  • A ruffled blouse is a good addition underneath your suit. It will bring a feminine appeal to your look, a quirky brooch on the coat will only add to your look
  • Wear it with a bright scarf on the neck; casanova style

Skirt it right

pete-bellis-428193-unsplash (1)

A slim pencil skirt will get you on the mood for work sans play. It is known universally that when you feel good at work, you tend to be more productive.  And who doesn’t like a sway of the hips and a boost to the curves! So, here is another of the staples that we promised you in the beginning; the pencil skirt.

Corporate style:

The pencil skirt is widely favoured as a workwear staple by women across the world. The skirt not only enhances your curves but also gives you the much needed professional air at the office. Hence, we bring you a style that is sophisticated and chic.

  • Look for a pencil skirt that is just below your knees because no matter what you need to keep it strict at the office.
  • Wear it with your beloved white shirt and opt for a tucked in style.
  • Another way of keeping your workwear lively is by choosing a skirt suit, keep it pastel or monochrome and see the difference it makes to your image

Off-duty style:

With the advent of 60’s fashion, the sweater girls are back and how! We import this amazing style from the 60’s and show you how to wear it to the office and beyond.

  • Nail the trend by wearing a turtleneck pullover with a pencil skirt.
  • Bold tropical prints will incorporate the fresh spring vibe to your look
  • This ensemble can look so classy when paired with a metallic skirt, so do your best while showing off those curves

The Platform


Remember the age old proverb, “you can tell a man by his shoes”, it holds somewhat true.

Although we are talking about women and their shoes, I would like to point out that shoes are the most important part of your attire. We are keen on the platforms this season because it is comfortable and stylish at the same time.

  • Platform heels can work with your power suit as well as the metallic skirt
  • Choose heels according to the velocity of your work. If you have a job that keeps you on your toes all the time, it is better to have shorter heels, and if you hold a position that lets you move only for the coffee break then the sky is the limit.
  • You can also choose printed or colour blocked one, whichever suits your style

The ever essential tote


Have you imagined your life without the essential holdall? And yet, we keep cribbing about not having enough space to keep our ever increasing knick-knacks. We usually daydream about possessing the perfect bag for our workday that would easily fit into the realms of nightlife. Finally, our dreams have been answered and the tote is back with a new aesthetic that is smarter and cooler than ever before.

  • Search a tote bag which is not too slouchy in its appearance
  • Go for clean structured ones that would take you from day to night in a jiffy
  • A faux leather one in monochrome will go with each of your outfits
  • Textured or brights, they have one for every mood

Now with all those tips and tricks, you can flaunt your new found self to the world.

Just remember to keep it elegant and say a hello to a new you!

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