Love Reading! But can’t find the time

Maybe like me , you love reading but never seem to have the time, or maybe you just can’t be bothered. Have no fear… We have found the ultimate solution. An App if you love reading but can’t find the time.

It’s called Blinkist

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Blinkist condenses non-fiction books primarily into 10 pages covering all the pertinent points. We find this great because non-fiction books can be quite long sometimes and  quite monotonous.

Get started with a free trial and see how it goes. Besides, you can save ₹₹₹ on books and space.

Here is our top 11 list of books to Read on Blinkist

1. The Monk you sold his Ferrari
2. Originals
3. You are a Badass
4. 4 Hour Work Week
5. Tools of Titans
6. 5 Second Rule
7. Ethereum
8. Hacking Growth
9. 7 habits of highly effective people
10. The 12 Week Year
11. The Secret


Who said there are no shortcuts in life!

P.S – We aren’t sponsored, we just like to share excellent products (app). Nonetheless, we hope you liked this article on love reading but can’t find the time.

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