10 Questions with Mozez Singh – How I Spent Lockdown

Mozez Singh debuted as a feature film director with the Hindi language Zubaan (2016). Zubaan had its world premiere at the Busan International Film Festival, and it was the opening film of the festival in Oct 2015.

He has a multiple film deal with The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to make short films for social impact. The first two from this association, First Period  (on menstrual hygiene) & Ab Meri Baari (on youth empowerment) are available on YouTube. He has hosted India’s most definitive LGBTQ Podcast, Azaad Awaaz which is now streaming on the Audible (Amazon) platform.

1. What was the thing you enjoyed most about lockdown?

I enjoyed how silent life got and how things slowed down and we were all forced to rest, to reset , to reflect. I also got a lot of script writing work done so the kind of focus and discipline this lockdown has brought about has truly been golden. I also produced a short film for the graduating class of 2020 which was a really gratifying project as it brought so many young kids so much love and hope. But most of all I just enjoyed spending time with myself. That was rare as it wasn’t just over weekend but a few months.

2. What has been the most significant lesson for you at this time?

This time has Taught me what and who is truly important to me. Family, friends and work have taken on an even bigger meaning in my life and I’m so grateful for all of them. And my deep faith in God has just gotten deeper .

3. How do you think this will change the movie business in the future?

There’s going to be a lot of changes in the near future in the movie business . I think this experience will give rise to newer voices, more individualistic And artistic work where the aim will not be box office but excellence. The fact that we can’t or won’t go the cinemas anytime soon to watch films is going to change the way films are made and watched .

4. What TV Show/Movie did you enjoy the most in lockdown?

There have been too many . I watched many European classics made by masters like Fellini, Bunuel & Bergman . I watched some incredible new series like Mrs America, The Eddy , I Know this much is True & Ramy. And I watched some brilliant documentaries too. All superb .

5. Did you get the Ludo Bug?

No, never . And not interested .

6. Where will you travel too when all this is over?

I want a spa holiday on a beach with my closest friends. I want to pamper myself silly and be surrounded by spectacular beauty and have crazy fun but with an intimate group of people. But most of all I want a deep tissue massage!

7. How has the lockdown changed you?

I think it’s made me calmer . I think it’s made me value each hour In the day a lot more than I have ever but most of all it’s made me realise what’s important and what’s not and how I really don’t have time for Anything that doesn’t add value to my life.

8. Which podcast/book did you enjoy in lockdown?

I listen to a lot of podcasts . The Daily , The Hive , Indiewire , Oprah’s Master class , Modern love , Sugar Calling are some of my favourites. And Im a voracious reader. I read all the time. Every single day .

9. Where did you spend lockdown?

I was at my home in mumbai and I loved being in the sanctuary of my home. It was precious.

10. What are you working on currently?

I’m working on 3 things. I’m showrunning a series for a major OTT platform that I’m writing and directing. I’m writing the final draft of what will be my next feature and I’m producing A documentary project. I’ve been working on all these during lockdown and I’m really satisfied with the progress made.