Interview with the Illustrious Makeup Artist: Prerna Khullar

We have followed Prerna’s makeup career for years and are true admirers of her work. Our friends and family rave about how good she is, which why it is our pleasure to have interviewed Prerna Khullar here at The Post. Here is what we asked Prerna:

1. What motivated you to become a makeup artist?

It’s something which is inborn. I always had the love and passion for makeup and dressing up and most importantly, the flair for it. It started off as a passion and it yielded me so much that today I’m an entrepreneur working in an industry I so deeply love and respect. It’s always the best to work in a field where you enjoy yourself and you can grow. As they say, do what you love, love what you do!
I’m grateful and thankful, I’m in that zone.
The possibilities are endless when you love and enjoy your work. Every day I am presented with a new opportunity and I think this has done so much good for me because work never seems like work, it was passion turned into work which I’m still enjoying.

2. Who has inspired you throughout your career?

To be honest, I’ve been my own inspiration because I love makeup so much and I’ve been so passionate about it. Since I can remember, I used to wake up with utter joy each day and still do to CREATE and being creative in this field has really added so much value to my life in terms of making me who I am today. I am forever grateful.

3. Your Favourite Lipstick is this year?

This year I’m obsessing over Huda Beauty liquid matte in the shade – Icon
My go-to shade this season/year!

4. The best beauty tip you have received or give to others?

From my mentor,
I’ve learnt that “less is more”
and I’ve always shared the same with all my students as well! This I feel, is the mantra or key to being a successful makeup artist.

5 What advice do you have for brides looking for a makeup artist?

My first and foremost advice to the amazing brides to be would be to see their budget and their liking. Everyone has a different sense of style and flair. And to be extremely comfortable with the artist, let the artist know what they’re looking for or what you have in mind for them to achieve 100% results.

6. What makeup trend do you dislike?

Anything that is heavy, especially when both the eyes and the lips are heavy, if the eyes are heavy, we can keep the lips light and vice versa.
I like to keep it minimalistic and chic.
As I mentioned “less is more”, my makeup is a reflection of that. The entire look should neutralise somewhere.

7. Finally, what advice do you have for other aspiring artists?

Just follow your heart and really enjoy your work. Also, not to be pressurised by the competition. Enhance your skills if necessary and do what you’re good at and not mimic artists around and loose sense of what you’re great at! It’s always best to do what you think is your forte. And the right clientele will follow! Patience is key. Just keep working hard and your day will come!
Interview With Prerna Khullar