How To Market Your Book For Free? By Shalini P. Sawkar

How to Market Your Book

Have you always wanted to be a writer? After months or years of slogging at your desk, you’ve finally completed writing your book—it’s been published and now you can relax? Wrong! Your work is not finished. The next step is to tell more people about your book: marketing!

Market your book shamelessly, that’s alright, in fact it is necessary. But, there is one rule that you must abide by: don’t be boring!

How you market your book depends on your enthusiasm and energy! And here are eight fun ways of doing it:

Guest Writing:

You can be a guest writer for multiple blogs, websites, or newspapers, and write about topics that matter to you. This gives you an alternate platform to publicize your book, and your skills as a writer.  


Now, I know creating your own blog is no easy task! But, if you have found your unique voice and have something to say or offer your readers on a regular basis, then you must start your own blog. Make a schedule to post regularly. This can go a long way in building a stable readership, even before you write/ release your book. And when you do, you already have a set of loyal readers in the form of your blog followers who will pick up your book.

Book Reviewers:

Getting your book reviewed by professionals gives it more credibility and exposure. There are numerous book reviewers that you can find on different social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and so on. Most of them do not require you to make any payments in exchange for an honest review. You will only have to send them a reviewer’s copy of your book and they will review it on multiple social media platforms, blogs, Amazon, and Goodreads. You can then repost their reviews on your social media handles and generate more readers. 

Social Media:

If you’re looking for free marketing, social media is your elixir! This is no secret. Post pictures of your book, reviews you’ve got from friends, family, professional book reviewers, on all your social media handles such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, even LinkedIn and WhatsApp. Make use of hashtags to reach more audience. Make a schedule and post regularly. Be sure to have fresh content each time you post. You can also start posting about your book prior to its release to get more people interested in it.

Promoting through fellow writers:

Mutual promotions have become a new channel for book marketing! Many well-known international authors do this as well, for instance even romance writer Samantha Young promotes other romance writers on her social media pages, and in turn they do the same for her when her book releases. Promote books of fellow writers, and in turn you can ask them to post pictures of your book on their page as good will.

Word of mouth:

Word of mouth is a miracle! How many times have you gone to a bookstore, rummaged the shelves, and finally ended up buying a book that your friend had once suggested? That is because you trust their decision or taste. The same can work for you as a writer too. If someone told you they liked your book, ask them to tell their friends about it. Spread the word!  

Using the right hashtags:

As much as I ask you to throw away your phone and create electronic free zones while writing, the moment you’re done, please switch on that phone right away! Out of sight is out of mind.

Many a times we think that if we are to promote a product, we must only post pictures or writings about that product. But, that could eventually bore your followers if you don’t have anything new to say.

Instead, you can post pictures of yourself, or anything else that your followers might like, and use the description box, and the right hashtags to direct your followers towards your book. You can even post snippets of poems/ other musings that you’ve written on your page to keep your followers interested.

Author Interviews:

Interviews give an insight into your personal life and thoughts, for your readers. You can be quirky/ candid, whatever is your personality, and your readers would get to know you better. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

In turn it can also help you and your book reach more potential readers.

Are you already doing all, or any of the above suggested methods? How is it helping you? Do you have some unique ways to market your book that isn’t listed above? Do let me know in the comments.