5 Habits that will make you Splendidly Successful

As an ambitious millennial, you probably aspire to be successful. Without any further rambling, here is The Post Team’s list of habits that will make you splendidly successful.

1. Create an End Goal List: Create an end goal list, this should include all the things that you ultimately wish to achieve in life. This can be set up your own business, be better at your relationships with your family, write a book, start a blog, acquire 50 clients or generate Rs 1cr revenue in your business. This list will help improve your daily actions and help you ruthlessly prioritise. Moreover, you will learn to focus on the important tasks that contribute to your end goal.

2. Make Sunday a Day to Plan for the Week: Use Sunday as a day to plan your activities for the week. Calendar block non-negotiable time to work on your side hustle for example. If you run a blog, create and editorial calendar and social media plan for the following week. You can also include a bunch of admin tasks such as pay electric bill, apply for a visa to your plan for the following week. We use the bullet journal method. Read our article on Bullet Journalling.

3. Beat Procrastination: Just start the task at hand for a few mins and you will soon be in the state of mind to concentrate and crack on with the task at hand. Not procrastinating will help you manage your time better. Think of your end goal list and start.

4. Learn and Gain New Knowledge: There are so many places in today’s day and age you can learn new skills and gain knowledge. The more you know the better you will get at whatever it is you wish to accomplish.  Here are our favourite platforms to learn (in no order of preference)





5. Create a Top Three List: Everyday you can focus your efforts by creating a top priority list of three task you must accomplish. This way you will always complete the most important tasks first.

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