5 Interesting Pakistani/Indian Tech Startups

Technology advancements have reached mind-boggling levels and every year we get to see new startups with innovative ideas that offer more and more. Today, we are appreciating 5 new tech startups that seem the most interesting and promising.

Doctor Insta (India)

Doctor Insta provides a platform for medical queries and help. If needed, they also refer you to US specialists for second opinions and in-visits and tests, fulfil your prescriptions and make everything accessible in the comfort of your home.


1mg (India)

Somehow similar, but not really, to Doctor Insta, 1mg is an online pharmacy that makes medicines and their information accessible and affordable to the common man. You may find medicines from all classes and brands on this platform. In addition, they also provide facilities of laboratory tests and doctor consultations, all under one roof.


Nykaa (India)

Among many, many other online makeup and beauty platforms, Nykaa stands out for its variety and affordability for the regular people. You can also find a chatbot down in the corner for a one-on-one conversation with a beauty assistant to help you out with your queries.


Micropower Labs (Pakistan)

A promising startup that develops new, interesting gadgets. One of their most innovative creations is the Flash Pack, that they claim to be the fastest charging power bank to date (taking about 15 minutes to fully charge).

Another one of their intriguing innovations includes a self-cooling device called “Cooly” (that charges through solar energy), that is yet to be launched.

Therapism (Pakistan)

Last but not least, and my personal favourite is Therapism. This technology provides a platform for the ones in need of mental therapy. Therapism aims to provide easy, feasible, private and affordable access to therapy. Therapism aims to provide appropriate help to its clients and employment opportunities to its counsellors.

A much-needed concept in this day and age, don’t you think? We always talk about how digital media has made us dependent and miserable, but we forget the fact that everything is good or bad depending on how we choose to use it. Technology startups like such are a perfect example of how people can bring good use out of the digital world. We need to empower such minds and support such startups and their good intentions.

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