7 Reasons You Should Learn to Say ‘No’

More often than not, we associate the word “No” with negativity and conflict. That is not entirely true. One needs to understand that NO means a lot more than just disapproval and argument. It is right. More importantly it signifies self care.

‘Email is everyone else’s to-do list for you.’

Ashton Kutcher

As positive as it is to be polite and say yes to people asking for favors and certain opportunities in life, saying no is equally important. Here’s why:

  • Respecting your priorities.
    If you don’t set your own priorities and respect them enough to step down from things or people that disturb them, no one will.
    If something takes more time and effort than your prioritized tasks or people, feel free to say no to it. Don’t compromise on things important to you if you don’t feel like it is worth it. 
  • Exhaustion.
    If you keep saying yes to everything, you may be mentally and physically exhausted by the time you get to say yes to yourself and the opportunities that actually matter to you.
  • Frustration.
    This exhaustion will eventually lead to frustration, stress, dullness and irritability, all because you keep saying yes to things you don’t want to do. Trust me, being nice can really pull you down if you are being nice to others only, and not to yourself. Be nice enough to yourself to say no to stresses you don’t want to take.
  • Mental peace.
    Hence, point being made that your mental peace is way more important than trying to please everyone around you. Remember, if you are not mentally at peace, no one else can be. If you are comfortable and stable in your mind, you will send out happy, peaceful vibes around you too.
  • Being left out is okay.
    We have all been there where we say yes to an event or opportunity simply because we don’t want to miss out. We force ourselves to go for it while being mentally exhausted and physically tired. If this is how you feel about something, trust me, it’s not worth it. Skip it. Say no. Your health, physical and mental, is way more important. So settle down for being left out sometimes. It is important.
  • Setting boundaries.
    It is important to set boundaries. People should know that you, too, have priorities. You too have a life. And you too have the integrity to stand up for yourself and your comfort. It is important for people to understand that you respect yourself enough to step back from something you’re not willing to take out the effort for and that you cannot always be available. It is not rude. It is just the plain truth.
  • Saying no is better than doing something half-heartedly.
    Basically, if you are going to say yes to something you didn’t want to do in the first place, stress over it, procrastinate, destroy your mental peace over it, become frustrated before you eventually just get it over with, you may as well refuse by saying no to it. It just makes more sense. Don’t you think so?

So, to sum it up, the word “No” has an important part of having positive minds and happy lives. It has a huge impact on our day to day activities and routines as well as the energy we spread. Use it well.