How to Design a Welcome Email for Growth {Downloadable Guide}

welcome email design

Now that your customer has signed up(keep reading for ways to get your users to sign up), you want to convert them into a loyal returning customers. Here are five steps to design a welcome email for growth:

  • Define your objectives: What would you in an ideal world like your new sign up to do? It could be open an account, purchase your service/product, setup a trial. Write down what exactly you want to accomplish through your welcome email.
  • Define your value: Now based on your objectives, define the value your product/service offers and how it benefits your future customers. Think about how your product/service makes their life easier in the long run. Focus on what you offer the customer, many welcome email do get too caught up in the company itself.
  • Design your email: Now design this email, ideally with aesthetically pleasing content. Include your benefits, customer testimonials (trusted by X Customers) and make sure you have big call to actions on the email. If you would like to know how to improve open rates. Read our article.
  • Promo:  Now devise an enticing new customer only promotions that is hard to resist within your profit margin. Make sure it is bold and visible both in Text and Image format. As some email clients don’t automatically download images.
  • Referral: Word of mouth is a great way to grow your business. You may wish to add a referral scheme to your welcome email, so your newly signed up user spreads the word about you.

An easy way to manage your sign up is using Mailchimp. Download our step by step guide to help you design your welcome email. Fill in the blanks as suited to your business.

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If you are unsure on how to get users to sign up to your website here are a few ways to get them to sign up

  • Offer a printable/whitepaper
  • Ask they sign up for a Free Trial
  • Offer a new customer promotion
  • Add a PopUp after 2-3 pages
  • Ask users to sign up when they open an account


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