5 Internet Dating Trends You Need to Know to Make a Good First Impression

Just like everything else, the pandemic has also brought many changes to the online dating scene. And, some of these new rules of online romancing are actually kinda cool!

Dating app QuackQuack recently conducted a survey to find out the new normal in the world of online dating set by the users. Read on for some interesting insights:

Ghosting Is Being Ghosted

Bd adieu to leaving former flames on read or just ignoring them instead of just saying that you are not interested aka ghosting! Although it sounds rude, ghosting is pretty common. However, the pandemic seems to have put an end to this (mal)practice. Now, people prefer to invest time in relationships because the primary reasons for ghosting, such as being busy or having hectic schedules are no longer valid. The QuackQuack survey saw a 20 per cent decrease in ghosting amongst its male users and a 37 per cent decrease in ghosting from women in the past year.

Video calling on the rise

During quarantine, online dates via video calls became the mainstay. People consider video calling as a viable alternative to seeing someone in person. The survey revealed that 90.8 per cent of women prefer long text conversations over a video call for their first few conversations.  A majority of men and women concurred that virtual dates are a welcome substitute because it reduces the stress of dressing up, travelling and spending money only to end up disappointed if the date ends badly! 

People are getting chattier, literally

A whopping 60 per cent of people prefer long text conversations. This is evident from the huge spike in the number of chats after the pandemic. The number jumped from an average of 350,000 chats daily to 400,000 between two people. 

Casual exits and serious entries

With more time at hand now than before the pandemic, people look forward to meaningful relationships rather than flings. A majority of (56%) male users confided that the lockdown has made them introspective about their relationship choices. Meanwhile, 53 per cent of female users also agreed that the lockdown has made them change their priorities and rethink their expectations.  

Vaccination is the new cool

A large percentage of the youth prefer meeting someone who has been vaccinated rather than not. Having a mask on was equally important too and in fact, 73 per cent of people claimed that they would not go out with somebody who hasn’t been vaccinated. A huge majority (74%) of women would want their partner to be vaccinated in contrast to 68 per cent of men.