5 Things Nobody Tells you about Getting Married by Devika Shallivan

So you are thinking of getting married. Congratulations! if you have proposed or going to propose. Best way to get married isn’t to think about it too much. The more you think the less likely you would get married. However, there are things that happen and perhaps you need to prepare yourself for these things.

1. Marriage is boring: 

Very opposite to initial dating, chasing, waiting for somebody to be yours and all those dating games. All Gone Poof!  All those options you had or could have. You know you are going to be with someone and they know you are going to be with you. This comfort of knowing you both are for each other after an initial wedding or so-called honeymoon phase; you realise marriage is a long-time commitment.

You really are thinking to get married to someone to spend the REST OF YOUR LIFE. That can be 5 years – 50 years.

2. It would take a long time for you to get used to being married : 

It would be difficult for you to realize that man or woman you are planning to spend time with IS ACTUALLY your “wife” or “husband”.

3. There would be lots of temptation: 

Not knowingly but just being friendly or being married sometimes make a person more desirable. People always want to have what they can’t have.

4. Your partner won’t be enough: 
Initially, you would want you both to be enough, but you or your partner aren’t substituting people who you need in your life. Like your friends, coaches, mentors, colleagues, parents, etc. If you suddenly had a new hobby and your partner isn’t into it, you would need other people who have the same interest as you. You would need people to talk about your own marriage with others just to take a break from your day to day life.

5. You can be lonely: 
Just because you are married that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t be lonely. Yes, you would have a company, but it isn’t guaranteed that you wouldn’t feel lonely.  Sometimes even you are in the crowd you can be lonely and so if you are getting married because of fear of being lonely. STOP!
How do you deal with your personal loneliness would also determine your relationship with others not only your partner? If you are in a constant state of loneliness than it is suggested, you look for therapy to find the root of loneliness or find friends who would help you go through tough time.

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NB: the author’s views are her own