Colour The Influencer by Jyoti Kerkar

We should be happy our lives are not just black and white, we live with different patterns and colours across the globe. What I have written is how colours describe your mental state (Aura) and personality. This is purely my interpretation as I practice Tarot that guided helped me.

Yellow :

Yellow is a spiritual colour, it’s a colour that brings happiness, it’s the colour of the grains mustard, wheat, corn etc. It’s the colour most Hindu gods are smeared with. This colour shows us the happy side of life. The morning sunrise with its vivid yellow shades and the beautiful sunset with its spread of yellow. The Sun is always depicted in Yellow. The ones who like this colour are happy people, they make their surrounding joyful, they are like a drop of sunshine, they love life, and so very creative by nature.


Usually it is called a colour of danger, like seeing red (Anger) STOP says the Red light, but according to me it is the red blood that kicks through your veins that keeps you alive, your menstrual blood is reproductive, The Jaswandi (Shoe flower) is offered to Ganesh the Lord of wisdom. The Red powder which is adorned by all Hindu women on the forehead or smeared in hair indicates a marital status.

Anyone who likes Color Red, are comfortable in their own skin, are mentally strong.They are dynamic Leaders.


The most favoured Color, remember Pink or Blue?  And Blue is for the boy, anyway coming back to the colour. Blue is the colour of the sky, and most oceans, the Ink in the bottle. The proverbial blue collared people.

Those who like this colour are not what they appear to be, their real self is never ever revealed, the facade is perfect, they never reveal anything unless they want to, but they have the knack of worming secrets out of people they want to, they will never ever bow before anyone.


Another global colour, Pink is as cute as a girl in lace Pink frock, or Candyfloss, or pink strawberry ice-cream, or pink icing on a perfect  doughnut, A pink-faced clown in the Circus, we all think it’s a very pleasant colour right, think again there is so much pathos in the lives of people who like pink, behind the pink face of the clown is a very sad soul, candyfloss is blown up just for a minute you try to grab it sticks all over, no spine, they love to wallow in their own state. They make stories to gain attention and sympathy. This does not mean the people are bad, but they have this aspect of their life.


Is the most soothing and peace-loving colour the colour of nature, the colour of crops, the colour which is part of our National Flag. This colour shows abundance, a strength to endure. A soul which loves to get is around others. It’s a rejuvenating colour. The ones who like this colour are very calm and peaceful people, they take their failures by remembering that success will follow. They are believers in nurturing, these people are usually healers.

In my above write up have chosen a few colours, if any colour which you like is not mentioned, comment and send maybe I will put up a new post on those colours. Hope you all enjoy it.

Jyoti Kerkar

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Jyoti Kerker