5 Unique Ways to Style A Sequin Top by Riya Turakhia

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In a good mood? Have to attend a party? In the mood of wearing something blingy and classic? A simple sequin top with a black pencil skirt comes to the rescue every damn time. But, what about the times when it looks too much for an occasion or you’ve wore it too many times to now repeat that same combination? That’s where I am coming to your rescue, helping you out on how to style it up with things that make the whole outfit look subtle and elegant, and different altogether.


Pink pants from SHEIN 

I chose to team up this blingy silver sequin top with the pink pants I got my hands on a few months back. This is hands-down one of my favourite picks, and when it comes to wearing it to a party, couldn’t think of a better option than wearing it with the sequin top I had lying in my wardrobe. Roll up the pants a little from the end and it will immediately give you the casual, funky party look you wished for. Neither too blingy nor too casual. 


Best with: A pair of black stilettos

LOOK 2: Formal Party 

Blazer from: Mineral 

Have a party around the corner in your workplace? No need to simply dump the idea of wearing the sequin top only because it’s too blingy to wear at an office party. Try it out underneath the sexiest blazer you have in your wardrobe. Voila !  you are good to stand out among your whole bunch of colleagues. (Be ready for plenty of compliments tho’) 


Best with: a Bold Red shade of lipstick.


Sheer Top from AliExpresss

The sheer top looks too boring and Sequin top will look very over? How about wearing them both together? A subtle touch of black to a little bit of shine will never let you look wrong. Wear a bodycon sheer top underneath the sequin top and pick up the best-fitted jeans you have, and watch the change in the look of your whole attire in no time. 


Best with: A good pair of black sneakers, for having a more of a casual look for outings. 


Striped Palazzo from Local store in Ahmedabad

Got a wide pant/palazzo lying at the back of your wardrobe just because you’ve worn it plenty of times for casual outings? (Been there, done that) This time, let’s experiment, mix – match and have fun trying the sequin top with the Palazzo / wide pants. What’s better than the combination of shine, glam and comfort? 


Best with : Hands down, the single strap stilettos and big silver hoop earrings. Don’t let the glam fade, baby girl. 


Denim Jacket from : GAS, India

A denim jacket is the most basic thing one could have in their wardrobe, not to forget, how it also is the most classic and old school kinda layer one could wear. This time too, what could help you in a better way than layering your sequin top with a denim jacket (a little rug always help) ? It definitely is a perfect combination when you want to go to an outing, but neither want to leave your sequin top behind, nor do you want to look like the only person overly dressed up in the whole crowd. (Trust me, you don’t want to be that person ! )


Best suits with Black sneakers or black boots.

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