Be Your Potential by Amy Goldberg

If you’ve ever come from a motivational workshop, experienced a Tony Robbins-esque coaching session, or intense personal development course, you may have felt like you were coming down from a super sugar high, or worse, you feel downright depressed. Why is that? It could be because you’re searching for what could be rather than who you want to BE, or better yet how to become what you want to BE.

Zig Ziglar, author and motivational speaker was famous for his Be, Do, Have philosophy. In premise, you have to “Be” the right kind of person first, then you must “Do” the right things before you can expect to “Have” the things in life that really matter. Ok, but how?

Before you start to search outside of yourself you first need to ask; “Where does my energy come from? What does MY voice say?” You noticed I didn’t say “what does my voice tell me,” because we tend to tell ourselves lies. We are misinformed by what we hear rather than what we know to be true for us. Only when you find your authentic self, that true voice is when you have found YOUR voice. The essence of your energy IS who you need to BE.

We tend to ignore our voice and what resonates with us because it may not be conventional. If you allow yourself to create the space needed for you to BE your voice, then watch what happens.

It starts with suspending disbelief, trusting your instincts, letting go and staying curious. Better yet, live your 6-year-old self. What? Yes. That’s where your true authenticity and your “anything’s possible” mindset flourish.

Another key to finding your voice; your vibe, is consistency.  If you’re not consistent in trying to create the space needed to become your best version of you, then you’ll remain stuck. If you’re tired of your way of being, for whatever reason, and it doesn’t serve you, then go back to the beginning and ask yourself; “Where does my energy come from?” In turn, you will begin to identify your true BEing.

For more than 25 years I have discovered through my own work that once one understands and connects with their being, one becomes their BE. And that’s not a grammatical error.

“Your voice is your energy. Your vibe is your being. BE THAT.” – Amy G

Amy Goldberg