5 Ways to Manage Your Time Effectively

effective time management

Are you part of The Post Squad that wishes there were more hours in the day? Maybe you want to get the most out of your week, or maybe you want to start a side hustle or may you would like to study for a degree while you are doing everything else. Here are our 5 tips to help you manage your time  effectively:

  1. Time Block: Determine everything you need to do in a week i.e. write 10 pages of your book, add 5 blogs to your website or write copy for four-pages of your new side hustle’s website. Now determine realistically how much time you need for each activity. Say you need 10 hours to complete all of these tasks. Then you need to determine when you can plan in these 10 hours: weekend, early morning before work or after you return from work and add to your calendar as non-negotiable work time. Don’t start to think about how your house needs a clean or your grocery list, this is work time. Treat these times as appointments that you have to be present at.
  2. Get Intentional: When pursuing any task, make sure you have clear intentions on why you need to carry out a task or how it adds to your future goals. This way you don’t lose focus. Don’t let tasks that don’t add to your future goals govern your time. If Tina from work wanted you to bake for the teams coffee Friday, see if you could maybe get by with some shop bought brownies. Tina’s happy, you are happy – Result!
  3. Night Before: Make sure the night before, you allow yourself some time to determine what you need to accomplish the following day. This way you will wake up in the mood to get Shiz Done! You won’t suffer from decision fatigue. If you can plan your outfit the night before to save yourself precious time the following morning.
  4. Use Timers: Using a timer is a great way to manage your time effectively as it allows you to be more productive. Set a timer for 90 mins and carry out the task at hand. You feel so much better for it.
  5. Relax: Always make some time to relax and rejuvenate. Not only does it allow you to take a step back from whatever it is you are doing but also go back to a task with clear head providing a better perspective.Do you have any tips that you use to manage your time more effectively? Do share them with us.
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