Don’t sweat, we have got you covered – Makeup tips for summer by Aparna Chaturvedi

Summer & sweat have an absolute hate relationship with makeup. Have you ever had a dream where your makeup is melting in front of a crowd? Then possibly you are suffering from Summer Makeup Phobia. Hahaha – Just kidding!! But honestly, have you ever thought of something like this in your wildest dream? Sounds horrifying, does’nt it? Most of us witness summer as the longest season in a year. At least I do as I live in this beautiful city called DUBAI, where summers are really long and harsh too. And no matter how harsh the weather is, summers or winters, it always affects your skin.

Well coming back to the topic, I always prefer to wear very less to no makeup in summers, more like the No-Makeup-Makeup look (the way internet calls it). In short, as natural as possible. While sweat is not ignorable, it is also important to acknowledge it something very natural. However, what most girls fail to understand, how to keep their make up all day long without carrying the complete vanity along. Here are some tips for you girls:-

  1. Moisturizer:– Well this goes without saying does’nt it? But if you ever wondered how in spite of using the best moisturizer: why does your makeup melt away. Well, that’s because you may not be giving any time for your skin to absorb the moisture and as a result, your makeup sweats away. Always allow your skin to rest for at least 5 mins after application.
  2. Use a good quality primer:- Makeup without primer is just like a unicorn without sparkle. No matter how good your make up is, you will end up looking like a melted popsicle the moment you step out in the heat without a primer. I prefer using silicone-based primer because they smooth out all the fine lines and pores and also makes your makeup stay longer. Try rubbing your face with a cube of ice before you start the whole process. It works like magic.
  3. Skip foundation:- Well Yes!! Skip it and opt for BB or a CC cream. Summer is better for skin if you keep it light and look natural. Moreover, BB creams are comparatively lighter on your skin and come with some amount of SPF which protects your skin from the harsh sun.
  4. Keep it Light:- DO NOT, I Repeat, DO NOT wear smoky eyes please for god’s sake. Summers are to have sunkissed skin; sun kissed skin and smokey eye don’t go well together. Moreover, smokey eyes look very heavy for summers, they look ravishing in winters although. If at all you want to wear it, just go for nude shades, trust me you won’t regret it.
  5. Skip the highlighter:- I know many would react dramatic on this but trust me. Always remember Summer + Humidity = Shiny and sweaty looking skin. Avoid adding sparkle or anything luminous because there is a huge difference in healthy radiance and exaggerated shine.

And finally, we have come down to our last and the most important tip.

6. Hydration:- Hydration is a key point here. You may not need too much of makeup if your skin is well hydrated. We all strive to Keep our skin healthy from outside but inner beauty is as important as our outer self. So keep sipping water the way you breathe. Psst… it also aids a healthy body.


Aparna’s Summer Look

These few tips are always there on the back of our minds, but someone had to recall them, so welcome. And don’t forget, beauty lies in the eyes and the soul, makeup makes you look no less prettier than what you already are.


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