What’s on our Desk?

Chances are you spend around 37-40 hours at your desk at work, so you might as well make it fun and a great place to hang around. You don’t have to do a lot to create a great ambience at your desk. It also goes without saying, keep it clean and give it a good wipe every 2-3 days. So here goes our list of What’s on our Desk?

  1. Diary & DeskPad: A diary and desk pad has been essential to us since the start of our career. Diaries are important for keeping track of daily to-dos and appointments. We normally fill out our diary the evening before, 10 min before it is time to head home. A desk pad is great for taking notes while on phone calls or for passing thoughts when working on another task. we use one of the tear out one that can be binned after you have finished your masterpiece doodle.stil-410572-unsplash.jpg
  2. A pot with FairyLights: An alternative to a desk lamp is our hipster version of battery operated fairy lights stashed into a jar. They are great for evening or gloomy rainy days. They just light up the desk and create a cosy vibe. They are also great if you don’t have that much light in your corner of the office.
  3. Fake Real Plant: We tried the whole real plant thing, but it seemed to die a couple of weeks later, so we are sticking to the fake real plant. Besides everyone always walks up and quizzes on the realness of the plant, because it is a splendid fake plant. You can also add some essential oil spray to the plant to make the area smell even better.
  4. Timer: We use a cube timer to boost productivity during the day. But you can also use a run of the mill egg timer to track time and boost productivity. We set a 90 min/45 min timer for each task and crack on. When you know you only have a few mins to work on a task, concentration hits the roof.
  5. Daily Kindness Book: Sometimes other people in the office can aggravate you or just everyone is being a bit emotional. So being kind to yourself and other can vastly improve your day and others around you. We read a page of our Daily Kindness Book every day.
  6. Assorted Stationery & Stencils: As a self-proclaimed perfectionist life can be quite hard without erasable gel pens, pastel highlighters and my trusty stencils. I use a stencil to write headings, make tick boxes for to do list and so much more. Work is more fun with cool stationery.
  7. Books: Lastly, we have a few books to read during breaks and other times when we need a bit more inspo. Currently, I am reading Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg

Tell us What’s on your desk using the comments section below.