Astrology&Horoscopes for the year 2021 by Tamanna C, Psychic, A New Age Spiritual Therapist & Author of The Vertical Path

So… 2020 was an interesting year. And even though a lot went down over the past 12 months, there’s big change coming. And the universe is feeling it, too. Read more as Psychic and A New Age Spiritual Therapist Tamanna C tells us..


This year will bring in stability and security that you have been waiting for. While you’ve set the foundation for new work or new opportunities in 2020, expect results post March’21 and August’21. New people will approach you for new tie-ups or new job post April ‘21. There will be more growth for people in the creativity or communication field after august’21. You need to slow down post October ‘21 to focus on personal life, as family matters will need attention. Health will need attention in Jan. ‘21, June ‘21 and November-december’21. Get back to a physical activity. Family members will be supportive initially but might feel being taken for granted post june’21, which can give arise to friction. Be more sensitive to needs of people around you.


You need to be more responsible and proactive in areas of work. If you are waiting for people to take charge and bring matters on the table for you, you will be disappointed. While work will be slow initially, expect new role/ work or ideas to manifest between march-august’21. You need to be open to working with new people. Be tolerant at work. Health will need attention around April, June and October ‘21. Follow a balanced diet if possible. Family life will be demanding due to family member’s health issues around feb-june’21 and post November ‘21. Prioritise your life when it comes to family matters.


2021 will be chaotic initially in regards to work till March. Expect clarity and stability post April ‘21. By the time its september’21 you will be on a roll buzzing with new ideas and enough of opportunities to keep you going. Don’t over trust people at work. Health will need attention in February ‘21 and june-july’21. Take care of your lower back and allergies. Family members will find it difficult to let go of past issues, which could create friction till May’21. Post October ‘21 and older family member’s health will need attention. Be more patient with family.

Cancer- work will be stable till May’21. Post July’21-october’21 expect stress or slow down. People around may act difficult and delays in work can lead to frustration or stress. You need to be more organised. New tie-ups and collaboration will be fruitful between march-may’21. Health will need attention June ‘21 and November ‘21. Take care of your eating habits. Family members will be busy in their own life and you might feel neglected between march-june’21. Be more communicative about how you feel rather than supressing your emotions. Family members will turn to you for important decision making around April, November’21. Be more flexible.


You will enter the year being confused and demotivated. While you may look for new job, tie-ups or ideas, expect positive results only post march-june’21. By the time you reach September ‘21 there will be more growth and expansion at work. Just avoid getting dragged into politics with people at work. Health will need attention till July ‘21 especially areas of blood pressure, stomach and lower back. Don’t neglect your health else it could lead to more complications.  Family life will be stressful due to un-necessary drama, interference or bickering till June ‘22. Don’t expect everyone to be on the same page as you are. Don’t bring back past issues to resolve present issues else you’ll be beating around the bush. Be more attentive.


You will enter the New Year bursting with new work, ideas and enough to do. Work will keep you busy throughout the year, but expect minor stress at work around july-september’22. You will get the recognition you’ve been waiting for. You also need re-structure your work and organise paper work and financial matters. Health will need attention March_may’21 and o tober’21. Don’t neglect your health due to hectic work. Family life will stressful april-august’21 as there will be difference of opinions and you may feel that no one really understand you. You may feel lack of support but expect relationships to be more peaceful post September and November’21. Focus on one thing at a time.


Work will be hectic till March’21 post which there will be delays and lack of job satisfaction. You might change your job, or do something new post august’21, which will bring you more stability around November’21. Channelize your creative energies at work. Don’t carry work stress home. Health will need attention march-june’21. You will bring conscious changes in your lifestyles after June ‘21, which will help, you improve your health. Family life will be unstable throughout 2021. You will get dragged into other people’s problems and will be unable to detach yourself. Family members may also be unhappy with certain decisions made by you in the past. Don’t take things personally with family.


2021 will bring in a new you at work. While work will be stable. Your ways and ideas of dealing with work situations will be more expansive and progressive. People will appreciate your ideas and give you more power post April ‘21. July-august’21 will be tad bit slow, but post october’21 expect new job opportunities which will bring you more financial security. Health will need attention in April, august and November’21. Sleep on time and be consistent with your physical activity. Family life will be stable. You will get the support, understanding and care that you need. An older family member’s health will need attention in April, October and December ‘21. Family members will turn to you for decision making in august and November’21. Make sure you remove time for them. Be more trusting towards yourself.


Work will be slow till April ‘21. You will find yourself going back and forth. The people you work with may cause delays or trouble and this can be frustrating as you may feel lack of control. Be patient and look out for new people or work opportunities rather than compromising our of fear. Expect new role/ job/ projects may-august’21. You will also get new opputunities through people you already know. Health will need attention around feb.march’21 and June’21. Family life will be unstable till June ‘21. Family member’s will hold onto old grudges and be critical of almost everything you do. Rather than reacting, just allow it to pass, keeping in mind that it’s teaching you to be patient. Expect family relationships to get better post June and October ‘21. Be discreet about your future plans.


Work will be on a roll as you get results of your hard work and the foundation you set towards the last quarter of 2021. You will work with new people and on new projects, expanding your ideas and creative energies. Expect more role/ responsibility post may’21. Post august-october’21 work will be slow but this change of pace will be positive for you giving more time to focus on family members and personal life. Take care of your health in March, July and November’21. Balance eating patterns and take care of allergies. Family members will be emotionally disturbed due to their insecurities. Be there for them. Post June ‘21 you will go out of the way to spend quality time with family members and mend relationships will them. Expect financial gains from family post September ‘21. Be more forgiving towards people in your personal space.


The year will start on a slow note. While work will be on going and on pilot, you may feel stuck and bored. Expect new responsibilities post April. In case you are in your own business, expect expansion or new projects july-november, which will bring in more financial gains. Be discreet about your work life. You will also get into new tie-ups and collaborations around March, August and November’21. Health will need attention In February, June and November’21. Don’t neglect yourself. Visit the doctor if a problem persists. Avoid self-medication. Family life will be stable. Family members will give you the understanding and support that you need. There will be peace and stability in family matters. Just don’t seek approval from family members.


Work will be slow till May. You will go through issues with people at work in feb-march’21 which will push you out of your comfort zone to do things a new way or look for new job. Expect positive results after May’21 and more responsibility and work after September ‘21. November’21 onwards will bring in more stability at work. Health will need attention in January, April and august’21. Family members will be dependant on your emotionally from march-june’21. You will have to be patient and juggle between family life and work stress. Expect family life to be more peaceful and less demanding after June ‘21. Good news from family members will come in post September ‘21. Balance trust issues with people in general.