Tumhari Aukat By Ravneet Sangha

Circa late 1950’s early 60’s : A flashback to the old black and white movies when a farmer toils his land in tattered shirt and a loin cloth bare feet in his fields , his feet encrusted with mud and sweat pouring down his back . He returns home to his family and his thatched hut where he eats a meal of stale roti and a watery dal . The expression on his face is of dismay , depression , sadness and gloom with a melancholy that reflects . Circa 2020- we are in the midst of a severe pandemic that exists on the this side of the barricade , everything is available on the fingertips and we are colonising Mars. Farmers are sitting on the roads , protesting peacefully in their affluent tractors , sleeping out in the open at night what temperatures dropping to 3 degrees temperature . The question that worries the kid press is how are they eating pizza ? How dare a farmer have the audacity to eat food such as pizza or a sandwich that are the domain of the educated , well read, fluent in English . Farmers aren’t supposed to eat pizza , they aren’t well read or educated . They are supposed to be uncouth , loud , brash and just limited to their dal roti or dal chawal.I mean . Just imagine the sheer cheek , and effrontery that he dare to eat pizza . The impertinence of him to eat a pizza clad in his kurta pajama with his signature turban ? How dare he eat something that was on my menu ?The protest of the farmer for the repealing of the laws is something that concerns all of us , every section of the society and I will keep on raising my voice and spreading awareness . A farmer is the backbone of the country . You gotta eat , gotta poop and then only you could go about to do or business . An ignorant lady emerged that if milk supplies wee stopped she would take packet wala doodh. Meir pyaari memsahib , you cant download , order via Big Basket or get Mother Dairy doodh. It’s a democracy where we have coexisted in a secular framework embracing different religions and showing the way to the world.A farmer is essential to our survival three ties a day , he is the one who toiled in the blistering sun , incessant rain , freezing temperatures  all year around without a holiday . The next time you wish to make these idiotic half baked statements just to poke , you should realise we also came to the 21st century and got an education just like you! Find something concrete to debate regarding what is good for the farmer. Ps: the pizza base is made from wheat , the sauce from tomatoes , and every vegetable is grown in a field , and the seasoning like oregano is a herb , and the mozzarella cheese is from buffalos milk.#justsaying