Consumer Behaviour in the Digital Age ~ Arisetty Sai Roja

Consumer behaviour means the behaviour of a consumer while purchasing a product. It includes different dimensions like durability, quality, price of a product. Their purchasing behaviour also depends upon standard of living. Humans are enigmatic and dealing with a diverse, obscure and complex personality may be not an easy task.

A number of aspects affect the consumer behaviour. It means the behaviour pattern and tendency of an individual. The factors starting from personal needs, attitudes, values and motives, extended to the family, friends, relatives and society as a whole. Consumption behaviour on the other hand relates to the mass of individuals. It restricts its study of end users.

Consumer behaviour in the digital age:-

Reasons for preferring online shopping:-
• People don’t like to stand in rows.
• They don’t want to travel to purchase for a product (only specific).
• Homogeneity in treatment of customers.
• Wider availability of products.
• The main theme to purchase the products in online is cheaper rates.
• Customer loyalty.
• Customer service
• Surprise gifts

 Cons of consumer behaviour towards digital media:-
 Word of mouth
 Touch and feel about the product
 Technology up gradation
 Public relations
 Reputation of a particular company( trust issues)
 Environmental concerns
 Promotional policies
 Social media platform