Letter to God

Dear God,

This isn’t a post for forgiveness, we have brought on this calamity on ourselves as a human race that had become a bunch of egg-headed megalomaniacs. We bungled up big time, and it’s a pandemic that is going to mutate later into something worse. In the last two months, we have become a population united by a virus that has us on our knees killing without mercy and not differentiating between the rich or the poor, black or white, Hindu or Muslim or Christian. All the divides and the class lines drawn by us have been erased, and it strikes all without any discrimination.

Covid-19 is a virus that was first detected by a start-up company called the blue dot that found that there was a large number of pneumonia cases in Wuhan way back in December and then slowly and as fast as magic it spiralled out of control, and we know of it as it is now. I cannot stress the importance of social distancing and isolation and washing of hands, you’ve had that by all the messages, forwards and bombardment of media.

The lockdown by the governments, sealing of the borders and laying down of rules and regulations is the only way we can tackle with this.

As humans, rather than pointing out fingers who did what or when, we have abused, scarred, raped the ecosystem systematically without paying heed to the calamity. Yes, we have had warnings and God we haven’t paid any attention. The hubris of humanity is that we think it’s not going out affect us, but is someone else’s problem not realising we all are sinking together.

You are having the last laugh, God. I know maybe this is a great game plan of yours to slow us all down. We all were in this mad rush and now have time to take it slow, to be with our families, to read, to get to know each other and to be still.

 All we need is to reconnect with ourselves, our inner selves that have been burdened and weighted down with the rat race and to be one up than the other the upmanship, to be better, to have more, it all seems futile now to shop, to buy and to hoard clothes or material things when the next victim could be you. This forced introspection given to us by you, makes us realise that all we have is the time, which is transient. We are visitors on this planet, guardians for the future generations to come, and the animals and flora and fauna were here before us.

Maybe, this all was done to take a pause and reconnect. But, I bow down to your bigger plans and know that you will find a path for us. In the meanwhile,

Love Always.

Ravneet Sangha