Increase Email Marketing Open Rates

Increase Email Marketing Open Rates

Email Marketing, we all do it and bombard our customers with emails. An average worker receives over a 100 emails per day. So if you are going to spend time and effort on email marketing, you should ensure that it has a high open rates and conversions so you can maximise your return on investment.

Here are some Top Tips from an experienced marketer on how to increase email marketing open rates

  1. Use an ominous subject line
    Try an email subject line that is ominous so it interests your users to click through. Some great subject lines include Need for Speed, Here is something special, Exciting News.
  2. Use Emojis
    Obviously only use emojis if they are relevant to your business. Emoji stand out in an inbox, therefore draw the user’s attention to your email.
  3. Optimum Times
    If you use an email marketing software than you can often calculate the best time to send an email quite easily. In general, Monday morning is probably not the best time to send an email as people often have different priorities at the start of the week.
  4. Have an Objective
    Don’t send an email for the sake of sending. Have an objective in mind when you send an email. You may want to sell your summer line before the winter. Promote that in your emails.
  5. Measure
    Measure everything you send. Use trackable links and dedicated email marketing phone numbers. If you measure your campaigns, you can build on your successes and drop the non performing campaigns.

Be sure to test properly before you send your email, so that your emails look professional when they arrive and consider different devices. Additionally, consider different mail clients as emails look different across different platforms. Always allow your customers to opt out but give them a reason to stay opted in. Promote an offer on opt out page, to re-enagage your customers.

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