Curated, Convenient, Conspicuous! ~ Kirti Sahu

Subscription boxes are little life-savers! Don’t have enough make up and beauty products on your dressing table to keep you up with the current trends? There’s a subscription box for that. Say you always forget to buy sanitary pads until it’s too late. There’s a subscription box for that. Do you always end up eating junk in your evening munchies and looking for a healthy option? There’s a subscription box for that. Maybe you want something to illuminate kid’s mind in a fun and explorative way. Yep, there’s even a box for that. 

And while we totally recommend treating yourself to one, subscription boxes also make excellent gifts for those friends and relatives & loved ones that are usually so hard to shop for!!

Whether you are looking for a subscription to help make your life easier or keep you up with prevailing fashion, or looking for practical gift ideas, we’ve got dozens of subscription boxes to explore.

From beauty basics to fashionable underwear, gourmet snacks to funky socks, kid activity products to momma’s accessories there’s something for every kind in this list!

Fab Bag

Be a chaos and beauty intertwinedA tornado of roses from divine!!

What’s inside? FAB BAG provides the best of beauty and makeup products which are customized in accordance to the needs of their customers. It includes a makeup bag filled with blend of splurge worthy beauty and skin care products.

Why it’s cool:  No matter how much makeup you wear or what hair colour trends you adapt, the search for new beauty trends never ends. A little help is always welcome when it comes to beauty. Fab bag is the perfect box, one can discover new and innovative beauty products and brands. It gives you an ultra-stylish look while taking care of your skin all the day. Want to try new exciting makeup and beauty product and be a part of the cult?

Price: 599 for 1 month


No rushing out because you ran out…No remembering what you need and when you need it!

What’s inside? Pinq provides high-end imported cotton feel sanitary pads and party-liners.The best part is that it comes with beautiful, easy to carry pocket-sized disposable pouches. This brightly decorated present, chock-full of both the bare necessities anda surprise gift especially hand-picked for you.

Hold on! That’s not all. It gives personally designed and trendy re-usable box too.

Why it’s cool: Menstrual cramping, monstrous cravings, insomnia, and irritability, periods are quite a nightmare! Start experiencing that time of a month in an exciting way with few items wrapped up in pretty packaging to make your time of the month a little less melancholy. Want to kick your PMS blues!?

 Mama And Peaches

What’s inside:  Are you expecting a cute little baby? Or you are enjoying your little one already?  There is box for both, you can choose: Mamas to be box Or Mama and Baby box. It has organic, safe and premium products, cool baby accessories and beauty picks for Mamas and many more…

Why it’s cool: The journey of motherhood is exciting and yet confusing. The box is curated with love and care to meet the needs of mommas and prepare for this exciting and sometimes stressful time of your life. Want to be pamper from first stage of pregnancy to your little one turns 18 months old??


They grow faster …Connect deeply and passionately, Create stronger and lovable bond!!

What’s inside? Yohobox is a subscription box which consists of a wide range of theme-based activities, which promise to keep your child engaged for hours together. The activities in the box aim at developing the kid’s creative and analytical skills, in addition to cognitive and motor skills. 

It comes with interesting activities i.e. based on science, arts, educational games, collecting novelty items and exciting collectible.

In addition, it also gives snacks which are contains high proteins, no preservatives, no added sugar etc. to amplify your child immunity!

Why it’s cool: Children will be excited to receive gift box full of fun and educational products at the doorstep every month through which they can learn from and have fun on their own, or with mum and dad or sibling. It not only helps to enhance creative soft skill of a kid but also in creating memorable experiences for the entire family. Want to have nostalgic memories and spend ‘some quality time’ with your tiny tots?

Price: 1660 for 1 month


Wear the right underwear for the right occasion!!

What’s inside? Buttalk is underwear subscription box which have fun, fashionable and functional underwear. It consists of all styles of underwear i.e. trunks, boxers, briefs and nasty ones too. Personal stylist picks and curates underwear specifically for you based on your preferences to spice up wardrobes with epic underwear! 

It is one-stop solution for all underwear needs.

Why it’s cool: Out of all the clothes this layer is the most invisible, purely functional items of them all. So, this clothing beneath the trouser and pants are equally important. Not just to feel or look but also for your physical health. Want to understand your underwear better?

Price: 999 for 1 month

The Moja Club

One can never have enough socks…99% of socks are single, And you don’t see them crying about it!

What’s inside? The Moja club is sock subscription box, in this you will get madness in the pretty package with a pair of innovative and creative socks each month. They have wide range of socks with merely every colour and prints under the sun. From serious motifs to just something comical.

Why it’s cool: How do you feel about socks? Depending on how you view them, they can either be a necessity- in which case black, blue or grey will do. Or a window to the way you can show off your individuality, personality and attitude. Sounds too dramatic and crazy? Want to experience the bottom of your leg in an unassuming and almost secretive way?


Junk food you have craved for an hour….Or The body you have craved for lifetime ? Decision is your !! Eat healthy and stay healthy !!!

What’s inside? Poshtick is a food subscription box which have portion and calorie controlled and comes with three snacks plus an antioxidant rich tea bag to make you feeling refreshed! In each box you will receive a mix of 3 amazing products. You will receive a set of 5 boxes every week, unto 4 weeks (Total 20 boxes for a month)

Why it’s cool: Eating small, healthy snacks throughout the day can keep your metabolism revved up and help you get the calories and nutrients you need to fuel your activities. Choosing the right kind of foods are pivotal in determining a person’s and making it a part of your lifestyle. It brings a dramatic difference in how you look and feel. Want to enhance your energy, happiness and health?

Price: 600 for 1 week

Wowdog Box

These fur- kids brings such a laughter to the home,     And richness to your days…A constant friend through joy or loss, with gentle loving ways….

What’s inside?   Wowdog box is a subscription box for dogs that contains collection of healthy natural treats, toys, chews and surprise collection of accessories. It has all the grooming products perfect for your fur baby.

Why it’s cool: Proper nutrition, grooming, nurturing, care and affection will create an environment which your dog thrive for! Meeting your pooch’s essential needs ensures his health and happiness. Want to preserve and strengthen this bond adorably?

The perfect marriage of necessity and innovation creates the most perfect subscription boxes which gives you an overall experiences that will not only resonate but also delight your personas.  There is lot more to explore on Scriberr, India’s premium marketplace with wide range of subscription boxes.