Light (Vision)

By Manoj Kale

The wisest animal in the world is the man, and the man is wise. Man is sharing his worries with the familiar . He laughs, cries, achieves success, works hard for himself, sees seven in his life, and finally dies one day.

Many people donate their eyes after death, to let others see the world through their eyes. Those who receive these eyes will have a new birth.

Lot of blind people in our country and they have special knowledge. If we make a plan to make our country a beautiful country, it can be transformed very soon. You may be wondering how you can make a free country, which means that thousands of people die every day in our country. Put their eyes on them and treat them so they can see the world. Why do you say this? But we can let others, like us, see the world.

If this law is made, our country can be made a free country in a few days. There is no loss and no need to wait until the death of the donor.

Come on, let’s get to the attention of the person who has this thing, and help our friends see the world as soon as possible. You can make your country a beautiful country.